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There are many ways in which I can help you and support you and your business (click on the items below for more details)

• Marketing through Tal’s blog/newsletter/ Instagram and her other digital assets
Promoting on Instagram
Personal training seminars
• Lectures
• Courses and workshops
• Mentor-ship, management and digital activity package
• Consulting and guiding organizations through digital implementation in different departments

Tal Navarro lectures

Tal Navarro lectures

We know for a fact that this is an ever-changing world. It is easy to lose your way when transitioning from one social media platform to another. Based off my long term relationship with the online world and my rich expertise in social media, I offer training and assistance in the social media field, personally tailored for business owners and companies of all shapes and sizes, whether through seminars, workshops, one-on-one sessions or lectures. In addition, I speak and lecture in different places around the world and am always happy to offer training, lectures and workshops to any audience abroad. If you have any further questions please contact me, and let me know about your company’s particular needs. My team and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Promoting On Instagram

My team and I will bring new followers to your Instagram account, potential customers and high exposure to a relevant audience.

As a result of our campaigns you will notice increased activity on your account right away. This includes likes, followers and new comments from people who are instantly exposed to your account. The activity includes training and basic guidance through upgrading your Instagram presence, in order to allow your new audience to enjoy your quality content.

Are you ready to significantly increase your Instagram activity? Click here for more details or contact me and I’ll take care of you right away!

tal navarro instagram consulting

Tal Navarro’s Blog/ Newsletter

Smart social media activity leads to maximum exposure.
My activities on the various social media platforms lead to greater exposure for my website and bring many subscribers to my newsletter.
You can market your business using one or both of these options, through different formats.
**Chosen content must be approved and correspond with my own, so that I can match it with a relevant photo and increase exposure organically through my ongoing activities.

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tal navarro lecture social media

Personal Social Media Training

Through one-on-one sessions the client receives personal training and on point consultation about their business. Not everyone feels a classroom filled with other students is right for them and that’s where we come in.

All training sessions and meetings will take place at a location close to you!

Personal social media training is suitable for one person or small groups in one-on-one training sessions. Weather its at your home or office, we make sure to sit and focus with each client on the various social media platforms, guide and consult them precisely on their work strategies on social media and answer all their business needs on the different platforms.

The consultation/training is tailored to the client’s needs and rate of progress, through ongoing monitoring of the business and its success.

Read More About Personal & Small Group Training here


My lectures are not ordinary student lectures.

My lectures are always “custom made” to their audience, accompanied by rich metaphors, case studies and a new and innovative world-view.

My lecture can be enriching, theoretical or practical, according to your needs.

In the digital media world I lecture on varied topics such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Branding
  • Men and women on social media
  • The world of digital recruitment
  • Digital strategy
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms
  • The future of social media
  • Security & safety on social media platforms
  • And more…

In addition, my lectures are suitable for almost every audience, including but not limited to: business owners, private individuals, start-up companies, marketing managers, senior citizens, students, company employees, non-profit organizations and communities, universities and many more.

I lecture in Hebrew or English.

For more information or for booking a lecture click here: Book a lecture by Tal Navarro

Tal Navarro digital marketing lectures

Courses and Workshops

Many various bodies and organizations hold digital marketing workshops, where I teach about the business of digital marketing for a few intensive hours and explain about the various tools and digital activities relating to the employees or different departments in the organization, and allow the organization to brand and promote its presence in the best possible way in the digital world.

Another possibility is booking a course, divided into several sessions, where we sit and learn about the correct use of digital tools such as Facebook marketing, YouTube activity management, creating and managing a LinkedIn account, Twitter activity, Instagram community management, SEO through Pinterest, managing circles on Google Plus and more. I teach about building a smart digital activity strategy, good content writing, sponsored advertising, blog/website properties, and more.

For more information and samples of digital media courses and workshops, please click here.

Guiding Organizations through Digital Implementation in Different Departments

Social activity today has become an inseparable part of any company activity.

Many organizations are unsure about how they should behave on the different digital platforms and hire outside consultants to do the work for them. I work through several channels:

  1. Workshops – implementation of the digital tools used by various departments of the organization.
  2. Ongoing mentorship and guidance of the organization’s digital activity, in the event of an in-house digital operation of the platforms.
  3. Ongoing management where you can hire my team’s services as an outside manager for your digital activity.

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tal navarro lecture social media

Mentorship, Management and Digital Activity Package

While collaborating with a winning team of professionals, we will create for you long-term marketing activities, looking at the big picture and including all the elements of online marketing:

Web design, SEO, search engine advertising, social media advertising and promotions, mailing lists, partner networks and affiliates, branding monitoring and banner advertising in portals and niche websites.

We make sure to fully manage all of our ongoing technological, social and advertising activity, and launch interactive campaign at key points.

Your business receives maximum exposure and a constant increase in sales and quality leads.

We can create a custom-made package just for you, tailored to your needs and goals

For more information contact me by clicking here 

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