In a press conference held this evening Facebook presented its new and improved newsfeed (homepage) that has not changed since 2007.

This is what it looked like in 2007…

Facebook newsfeed, 2007

So what has changed in our newsfeed?

3 main changes of Facebook’s newsfeed:

Reacher Stories – extended user experience in an emphasizing and clear visualization

Facebook focuses on personal stories and emphasizes your friend’s personal stories in size, color and position.

The photo albums will also have a bolder and more visible design.

Business pages will have a logo, and posts will have a larger and nicer title.

The profile picture (both personal and business) will be larger, and you will be able to easily check out your mutual friends and add people you know.

Facebook homepage 2013

Friends’ locations – a large picture and a nicer title.

A more visible location share

Contents friends share will be larger and more visible, and will be organized to emphasize friend’s comments and remarks

A new share

Shares from different platforms and apps – more visible than before:

Contents uploaded by my friends will show up more nicely, with a newly designed and readable title:

Content control on my feed

Facebook enables us to choose the content that we wish to see on our feed from a list of categories, (friends and followed pages alike):

News feed – contents by categories

I can choose to view my friends feed, with everything they may have posted or written about.

I can choose to view photo feed for photos uploaded by my friends:

Photos only view

Another category is called ‘Following’, and it shows updates from business pages and public figures we follow.

Mobile Consistency –

Facebook mobile

Facebook worked hard to create a design that is as comfortable and pleasant as it can get, while keeping a user friendly interface,

Easy navigation on Facebook mobile

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