Top 10 Facebook Ad Creative Tips – Tips to help you optimize for success on Facebook.
I will introduce them to you from the last to the most important one ๐Ÿ˜‰

10. Use multiple ad types
Give customers the opportunity to engage with your business both on Facebook and on your website. Create some ads promoting your Facebook Page to grow your fan base and drive traffic from other ads to your external website.

9. Be direct
Facebook users engage with the site differently than on other online sites. Speak to your customers using direct and concise language. Donโ€™t use marketing jargon if you donโ€™t have to, and be authentic. Avoid superlatives or exaggerated claims.

8. Keep your ads fresh
If your audience sees the same ad over and over again, they will be less inclined to interact with your ad. Revise your ad creative every few days by swapping old images for new ones or changing your ad title. Incentivize the users to click.

7. Use promotion codes
Offer exclusive discounts or offers to Facebook users through promotion codes that can be redeemed upon checkout on your site or used in-store. Reference Facebook in the code to make the offer more exclusive (for example, FB30). Set an expiration date so users know for how long the offer is valid, meanwhile creating a sense of urgency.

6. Include a call to action
Use a clear call to action to give users a reason to click on your ad. Encourage them to click, buy or try whatever you are offering.

5.ย  Choose images wisely
Use a colorful image that stands out against Facebookโ€™s blue and white pages. Try to depict people in your image to portray real life utility, as opposed to a logo. Tailor the image to the demographic that you are targeting.

4.ย  Use dynamic keywords.
Include words in your ad copy that you also have included in your keyword targeting. This creates a more relevant and consistent experience for the viewer.

3. Split variable test
Your ad contains three components: copy, image, and targeting. Mix and match different combinations to see which result in the highest performance. For example, create 3 ads with the same copy and targeting, but use a different image in each ad to see which image yields the best performance. You can do a similar test for any other variable.

2. Think outside the box
Keywords on Facebook differ from keywords on other online ad platforms. Keywords are real interests and activities your customers like to do. Put yourself in your audienceโ€™s shoes and find different ways to reach them. Donโ€™t always go for the obvious keywords.

1. Invest in success
Focus on your top performing ads by pausing weaker ads. Gather insights from advertising performance reports, demographic profile reports and your conversion data to maximize ad performance.

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