Probably inspired by Purim, the holiday in which we all wear costumes and change identities, Facebook has decided to arrange costumes to all its business pages (the ones we ‘like’), including my own:

As a consultant

(both personally and in the courses I teach), I have listed some of the main changes made on these pages (which would be officially launched on March 30th):

  1. The Facebook walls will turn to timelines. This basically means that instead of tabs under the profile picture – the tabs would appear under the large cover photo, and you can also change their icons (check my timeline to see an example).
  2. Users and business page owners will be able to send messages to each other (was not possible till today).
  3. Several new features:
  • Pinned post – a post that would remain in the top of the timeline (for seven days).
  • Starred post – a picture that is spread horizontally on timeline.
  • Allowed on timeline – posts you wish to keep on your timeline.
  • Milestone – allows you to note down special and important points in the development of your business
  • Date change – you can change the date of posts you upload.
  1. Page followers will be able to see their friend’s activity on the followed page.
  2. Page owners and operators will have different permissionsfor editing (so far, all page operators had the same permissions).

Sizes of timeline:

Cover photo: Width: 851, Height: 315

Profile picture (Thumbnail): 23X32

Profile picture: 180X180 at most, preferably 135X135

Tab photos: 111X75

#Changes on facebook have become a routine, and more changes are likely to occur in the future… in the meantime – good luck to those of you who own a business page, and for the followers – prepare yourselves for more changes.

Facebook never rests!




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