While walking in Time Square, I realized, just by looking around, how many choices and options we all have to face every second in our lives…
Every second we are standing on cross-roads; if the phone rings while we are talkng (should or shouldn”t we pick it up?), if we should buy a coffee with no sugar or a coffee with no caffeine ? Should I buy the red dress or the blue dress?
The more choices we have, he more freedom we have and the more welfare we have.
One thing is for sure – too many choices leads to paralysis rather than liberation. And with too many choices to chose from, people find it very hard to chose at all… They are facing the paradox of choice.
Look around you…

* A guy has a lunch break at noon, but the problem that he faces now is… What should he eat???

* A young woman just got a new job and she has to buy a fitting suit for it…

Where should she buy it?!?!
* A man needs to have a communication tool for phone calls, text messages and maybe internet access. What should he chose??

Sometimes More is Less

I can tell you that from my personal experience.
I was standing at a point where I had so many choices, I thought I was losing my mind…
And I am not saying they where Insurance can no longer place limits on the amount of money they’ll spend on covered medical expenses. all bad options.
They were all pretty good.
And I had to make a choice.
Eventually, of course, I made a choice – it was a wonderful choice to do.
The problem started when a new opportunity came and it subtracted from the satisfaction of what I chose.
Even when people make a decision and than they are not sure they did the right choice – they blame themselves.
We do better opbjectively and we feel worse.
You see, I got the “Paradox of choice” symptom.

I Believe you can avoid this Paralysis…

  • Keep your expectations low. The lower they are – the less chances for you to disappoint from the choice you finally made.
  • Clear the noise around. when you stop listening to the noise, the signal is clear
  • At the end of the day – Be happy with your choice.
Everything happens for a reason, so try to avoid the Paradox of choice and don”t regret for the choices you made.
You will never know what would have happened if you chose a different option.
The Psychologist Barry Schwartz explains his theory about the paradox of choice:

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