The Facebook “Like” button – What is it Good For ??

In case you missed it (and I believe you didn”t…) : Facebook has just introduced a button that lets you tell the world the things you like, even when you”re not on Facebook.

Facebook broke free ย from it”s domain and allow to web developers to add the “Like” button everywhere around the Web

What Is This “Like” Button Is Good For???The Facebook Like Button

Facebook wants to expand beyond its core site with a “like” button that Web developers can embed in their pages. Yes, it”s online casinos yet another media sharing tool in the style of Digg and Reddit.

A lot of sites already use a “share” button to connect with Facebook, letting users post links to their news feed, but a “like” button seems more in line with the simple interaction offered by Digg. In other words, your commitment starts and ends with a simple thumbs up.

Back on, “like” is implemented in fan pages and ads, replacing the “become a fan” functionality.

Again, liking something seems more casual than becoming a fan, so I”m a bit skeptical that one feature is completely replacing the other. We”ll see what happens with time ๐Ÿ™‚

So, Let me know –

Do you like or not, the new “Like” button? ๐Ÿ™‚

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