Chantramas – The Love Hotel

Part 1: Chiang Mai  | Part 2: Koh Phangan  | Part 3: Koh Samui and Bangkok

We stayed four nights at the magical Chantramas hotel. How can I even begin to describe the experience?

It’ll be very, very hard.

We visited the island during off-season, when tourists were scarce, and were awarded the hotel’s top, giant suite, with ceilings several meters high and spacious rooms, located as close as you can imagine to the beach, with a private swimming pool surrounding the room, a huge hot tub under the stars, and a breath-taking view of the ocean spread before us throughout the day, especially during the incredible sunsets.

Chantramas hotel

Chantramas hotel 🙂  Styling by Silvian Imberg

Walking around the hotel we felt like we were walking through a forest, with large swings hanging from the treetops, swimming pools spilling through and through and room service of the highest standard. All in all, the Thai work ethics are some of the best I’ve seen, which is no wonder why they are considered patient and kind caretakers even with elderly people all around the world.

Inside the water, not far from our room, were four letters spelling out LOVE, lit up at night, and decorating the amazing place with an especially romantic vibe during the day.

On the evening of September 21st, Yoav and I celebrated the end of an amazing year together and the trip organizers together with the hotel staff prepared an especially unforgettable evening for us. It started out with time spent at the hotel spa, which included a scrubbing, a warm flower bath and a massage, and concluded with an amazingly romantic dinner on the beach to the shining light of the word LOVE glowing in the darkness. A truly remarkable experience.

happiness in Thailand. Styling by Michal Monka

happiness in Thailand. Styling by Michal Monka

Scuba Diving in Koh Phangan

On our last day in this special city we went scuba diving.

While I have had many diving experiences in my life, in various places around the world for Yoav it was a first time, and an exciting moment for us both.

The Thai diving experience was particularly fun for me – including the transportation to the diving location on the boat which took us in kindly, and guided us throughout the dive in a professional manner, strictly following all the necessary rules. We dove along a large rock with a lovely coral reef and colorful fish, making the underwater sights an unforgettable romantic experience.

The Cherry on Top – Koh Tao Beach, Koh Samui and Bangkok

A day of snorkeling on a speed boat was another fun experience had towards the end of our journey. And, Koh Samui and Koh Tao beaches with their gorgeous clear turquoise water were an additional point of reference made for our next visit in Thailand. The city of Koh Samui is full of tourists (lots of Hebrew to be heard around) and the lively streets and marketplace made the Koh Samui experience a “chopping” celebration, as the locals would say. It was time to buy gifts for the family and dine at the finest local restaurant (and let’s not forget our daily massage!).

We arrived in Bangkok for only a few hours in the evening, before our morning flight home.

Us. Thailand 2017

Us. Thailand 2017

We expected to go out on a wild night out on the town and buy everything we hadn’t already bought, but that didn’t happen.

Upon landing in Bangkok, a luxurious limo was waiting to take us to the amazing Marriot Hotel Sukhumvit, located in the center of town, right next to the train, the marketplace and the popular tourist shopping centers. We were greeted by staff who made sure to take care of us during our short stay, and lead us to a magnificent suite on the 16th floor.
The suite was overlooking the city from every which direction, with little treats scattered around the room such as chocolates, cards congratulating us on our honeymoon, a hot tub, a large parlor and more. We were invited to a cocktail bar located on the hotel rooftop (48th floor) for a luxurious dinner, where we got properly drunk, and had a hard time leaving the hotel for the wet, rainy streets of Bangkok.

In the end, we did go out, but besides the rain, all the stores also closed at 10PM, so we returned to the hotel saturated with experiences and fell fast asleep.

Love at Chantramas hotel, Thailand

Love at Chantramas hotel, Thailand

In conclusion,

Our journey in Thailand was so luxurious and fascinating in every possible way, that it’s a pleasure for me to thank and praise all across the internet the FlyEast team, both in Israel and in Thailand, as well as the Thailand Friends Club, for taking care of us every step of the way.

I am seriously considering getting married again (to Yoav, of course!) just so I can take another honeymoon!

Until then, I guess I have to figure out how to get back to routine life after such an incredible journey.

Part 1: Chiang Mai  | Part 2: Koh Phangan  | Part 3: Koh Samui and Bangkok



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