Thailand From A Different Perspective

When Dov Kalman from the “friends of Thailand organization” asked me to join him and 8 Israeli journalists on a magical journey in Thailand, that included collaboration with Arkia Israel airlines new direct flight to Thailand, I knew I should not pass on this offer and decided to join. It is not the first time that I have traveled with the great people of the “Friends of Thailand organization” and the impression that the last trip left on me, urged me to do it again. Our journey began with a magnificent and traditional dinner at the home of Thailand’s ambassador in Israel, Herzliya. Among the guests you could find, government ministers among other representatives who listened as the CEO of Arkia introduced the new direct and business line. It was a huge honor for me to be the Israeli blogger chosen to join this journey and represent my country.

Pattaya- The Magical Island

Our first destination in Thailand was an island named Pattaya. The island has gained a bad reputation but most people don’t know that this island has the most beautiful beaches overflowing with corals, museums for all ages and exciting ocean sport activities. In the evening we strolled down the main street of the island.

What a day!

It was a unique experience filled with vibrant colors, lights, clubs, same sex couples and gorgeous street dancers. We stayed at the Cape Dara Pattaya hotel and they treated us to an indulging dinner. The next day, we arrived at Ocean Grand Marina to sail on a beautiful yacht and dip into the waters of the small islands not far from the big city. The smell of the ocean, the water on my skin, the endless blue, the warm weather and the company of good people, uplifted my spirit and I felt my body recharging. These were important moments for me, especially during this busy time in my life.

Traditional Royal family in Bangkok

Traditional Royal family in Bangkok

Pattaya’s Floating Market

After the cruise we continued with the flow feeling and decided to visit Pattaya’s Floating Market. The market isn’t authentic since it was built during the last few years but is still so spectacular! The bridges and walking paths are composed out of wood with poles in the water. There were food stands everywhere and small boats with people who were selling market produce, while others were selling local foods or the herbal tea Thailand is known for.

streetfood in Thailand

Streetfood in Thailand

Sai Kaew Beach Resort at Ko Samed Island

Our next destination was Ko Samed Island (Samed Island). It is an island that not a lot of Israelis know about. We stayed at an amazing waterfront hotel where the powdered sand caresses the palms of your feet and, huge orange beach umbrellas decorate the blue ocean water with spots of color. The island is surrounded by green flora that gives you the feeling you are in the wilderness, a bit like Jane and Tarzan. At night we watched a breathtaking fire show performed by local youth that left us in awe.

A delicious moment in Koh Samed Island #nofilters

A delicious moment in Koh Samed Island #nofilters

Bangkok From The 64th Floor

Some may say that you either hate Bangkok or Love it. I am part of latter group. Every visit to this crazy city leaves its mark on me and creates a tingling feeling for more. We stayed at the unbelievable LeBua hotel that offered luxury rooms for a good price. I stayed on the 59th floor with a view that is incomparable. On the 64th floor rooftop, you will find a 2 star Michelin restaurant which walls are clear windows to the outside world, giving you an overwhelming feeling of the insane height.

with the team! in Bangkok

with the team! in Bangkok

In the morning, we got to experience an unusual event when the day of celebrating Buddha, fell on the exact birthday of the greatly admired, King Rama of Thailand. It seemed like the people of the city were crazed by the excitement of this occasion. In Thailand, each day symbols a color This year, King Rama birthday fell on a Sunday, therefore the streets were flooded with yellow flowers and flags and, people all wore yellow clothing to express their love for their king. This kind of ceremony and celebration happen once in a million years. Our guide was going berserk while telling us about her endless admiration towards the king. The kings’ photos were scattered around the city, the yellow flowers covered the floors, and the locals were all happy and excited. The great perpetration for the ceremony gave us the feeling we are part of this unbelievable double event.

The Flower Market and China Town

After the touching ceremony we continued to China Town. China Town is a very busy city, filled with people and crowed structures and markets with stands everywhere. We stopped at the flower market where we found hundreds of people sitting around, weaving flowers into metal strings, creating small statues and huge bouquets and, handmade flower necklaces. They created all these with such skill and expertise, like it was the only thing they have been doing their whole life.

Personally, it was hard for me to comprehend that someone could sit for so many hours a day, repeating this task without burning out or feeling bored. Most Israeli’s come to Bangkok to shop and do not really get to know the magical areas of the old city of China Town and it’s surroundings. In the evening we visited an amazing hotel that is hard to describe in words, named Siam. You are able to get there by car or the local ferry. When we arrived, we got to experience a detailed tour at the hotel and were exposed to all it has to offer. We finished off the day with an exciting Shabbat dinner that the locals who kindly hosted  us, will surely remember for a very long time.

When I am looking into my soul, deep inside me, I can find my feelings, thoughts and emotions living in peace and harmony, creating together thick roots that become stronger and stronger every moment of my life’s journey. 🌸🌿🔥🦋⭐️🐉 תודה לארקיע על טיסה כייפית בביזנס החדש שלהם, ולמועדון ידידי תאילנד על מסע מופלא לתאילנד המושלמת. המאמר המלא בבלוג שלי בקרוב 🇹🇭🙏🏼 @arkia_airlines #מועדוןידידיתאילנדבישראל . . #ilovethailand#beverlyhills#weekendvibes#travel#entrepreneur #talnavarro #טלנברו# #photography #photographer #nature #tndm#taln #israel#herzeliya #travel#thailand

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In Conclusion

Thailand is certainly a fun and beautiful country. I recommend traveling and experiencing more than just the common beaches and shopping malls everyone knows. You might find it rewarding to take a “risk” and travel off the known path in order to discover a whole new world of colors, smells and culture and, gain new experiences that you would never find anywhere else.



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