Mom, if only you had known me today.

Tal of 2013.

I know how you remember me: wild nature girl, a piece of light and never-ending positive energies. Married, living far away between magical shores and exotic countries.

Following your sad passing, I arrived back to Israel about three years ago, after a long absence abroad. I didn’t know how to manage here: didn’t know anyone, and left my entire life behind: relationship, business, school I’ve started – to open a new life in Israel.

So mom, just to let you know that today, on my birthday, I feel like I am not the same Tal, the girl you used to know. Today I am Tal the woman, Tal of 2013.

A woman whose ‘bubble’ of innocence has been cracked and faded.

A woman who experienced jealousy and hypocrisy by people who refused to accept her the way she is.

A woman who made some great achievements, as a result of her hard work, ongoing learning and persistent self-belief.

A woman who felt lost in any possible aspect (personal, professional etc.), but got back on her feet, cleaned the dust off her knees and kept on going.

A woman who learned to accept and appreciate her weaknesses, because they have taught her what a woman she is.

A strong and uncompromising woman, who had dealt, in the last year alone, with things people don’t deal with in a whole decade.


I think that the Tal who’s in front of you today is a little rougher, believes less in fairy tales, an in spite of all that, or perhaps thanks to all that: I am Tal of 2013.

A Woman who loves life a little more than what she had ever believed.

An irresistible woman who doesn’t take no for an answer.

And today, looking back at the year that’s about to end, I can safely say one of the main things that kept me going and brought me where I am is my will. My faith. It’s you and dad who have always believed in me, and dad goes on believing till today. He’s one of a kind, that incredible dad.

And today I know faith is most important.

Today I understand that no matter what a person does – if he doesn’t feel good about it – he must make a change; dare and make his moves against all odds.

So mom, I believe that today, more than ever,

You would have been really proud of me.

Because this year, mommy, I have turned to be Tal of the year 2013.

Or in other words – I have become a bit more you.

A woman who celebrates life!



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