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“Leaving your comfort zone and starting over from scratch – something most people fear of doing just once – Tal Navarro did 4 times already. Today, living with her husband; Chef Yoav Shcwerd, and running her own successful company in the United States, she opens up about going back and forth between countries, fears, conflicts and her life’s biggest crisis.”

Tal Navarro | march 14, 2017

Starting A New Life - 4 Times Over (Interview from "Onlife Magazine)

Starting A New Life – 4 Times Over (Interview from “Onlife Magazine)

Q: How did You Start Your Journey?

At 21 I started my first business. I was a 21-year-old kid and had moved to New York because I wanted a taste of the big world. I lived there with my partner. Don’t know what we were thinking when we decided to open up a plumbing services business. Why plumbing you ask? The reason we went for it was because my partner at the time had some experience in the field. But mainly it was because when you’re 21 you don’t really have much clue as to what you’re doing, and I was never one to fear jumping into the deep end before knowing how to swim.

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Falling and Rising

So I jumped. And it was in those deep waters that I learned how to form a company in the United States, how to deal with lawyers and with the country’s government paperwork. How to manage the company’s files, agreements, contracts and its logo (damn, they didn’t even have computers back then!). I also learned how to print business cards and pamphlets, which I then put in mailboxes all over frozen New York. Or, in other words – I had learned to market myself before even knowing what the term “marketing” meant.

For two years, while running my business I was also working for an American travel agency, I was improving my English and acquiring the experience and proper understanding of working with costumers, doing office paperwork, booking flights and talking to suppliers. I really did enjoy myself but didn’t feel satisfied with my job or that I was living up to my full potential. After two and a half years in New York, my partner and I broke up and so did our plumbing company and I had moved on.

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From New York to the Caribbean, from the Caribbean to Florida

In 2006, I met this sweet French guy by chance via My-Space website – a kind of a social network that was extremely popular at the time. It did not bother me that he was 15 years older than I was and after chatting on there for 5 days I wrote him “listen dude, I don’t really know who you are or where exactly is this island you live on but I’m coming to visit!” I packed a suitcase and flew to a tiny village on an Island named Anguilla. Waiting for me at the airport, was the person who later became my husband. We fell in love and I had moved in with him to live on the island. The internet, which was up until then a mere way for me to contact my family in Israel and my friends around the world, had become a tool I was using for doing business. Slowly but surely I realized that this tool was a major one, with great significance and a meaning much bigger than just the option to speak to my mom over sea twice a day.

Tal Navarro social lady

Image by: Benny Rafaeli Makeup: Bar Barak

I had learned all by myself about the internet’s marketing world and about people’s way of thought in conducting themselves online. 3 years after living in the Caribbean, I moved to Florida and my life seemed sweeter than ever.

Then, the tragedy happened, I returned to Israel and started again, from nothing.

About a year and a half after moving to Florida came the big crisis that changed my life. My mom unexpectedly got sick with a rare type of cancer. This sickness came out of nowhere. She was a beautiful, healthy woman, young at heart, a real hot shot at doing business and my best friend. As soon as I found out about it I left everything I was doing across the sea, came back to Israel and move in with her in order to take of her. For six intense months I had become, in a way, my mother’s mom, until she passed away.

On the day of her funeral, at the cemetery, I realized how short and unexpected this life was and how temporary, and so I swore to myself and to mom that for the rest of my life I intend to do anything in order to be happy and smile as much as I could. Throughout my entire life the sense of freedom was the one to guide me on my way, but starting that same moment, my energies and ambitions literally doubled themselves. And it wasn’t always easy.

With my amazing mother R.I.P

With my amazing mother R.I.P 1982

When my mom died I was reborn.

I changed, utterly and completely. My marriage did not last and after she passed away, I found myself in Tel Aviv. It was a new city to me since I had never lived in it before; my heart was shattered, my divorce was a tough process, and I was stripped from my business – since I left it behind me and started over from scratches in Israel.

Suddenly, out of the blue I found myself having to start over. Although I did grow up in Israel I moved away right after my army service and in fact, never get to live there as a young woman. Go figure out your whole life now.. Without a mother, love, a business, home base or connections.

My innocent days vanished without leaving the slightest reminder they were ever there. I went through a lot of self-processing and I knew I wouldn’t let this crisis drop me to my knees and leave me crushed. I knew that my mom would still be a part of my life’s jury, to watch over me and light up my path through stars and sunlight. Slowly I picked up the pieces and came back to life.

Caribbean moments

Caribbean moments

Then, I left Israel and started from nothing all over again

In 2010 I started working for the Adler-Chomski ad agency, I was an associate in creating their first digital array and was experiencing a wonderful and challenging time in my life. However, I was missing my freedom too much so I spread my wings and went on an independent road again. I found myself jumping head first into the deep end yet again and by that becoming a founder of the Social Media Marketing School – first of its kind to train hundreds of business owners and organizations in the social media field.

As time passed, I focused on centering my energies into my lectures, guide seminars, workshops, startups and much more, all which allowed me to construct my freedom and still invest in properties for long-term passive income. In addition to apartment real-estate investments abroad I also involved myself in other projects – some did better than others – when freedom being my constant compass in life.

Speaking about the digital future

Speaking about the digital future

Two years ago I met Yoav, who is my partner now. We decided to get married at the last Burning Man festival. We traveled through many countries and went through many things together and at some point transferred our lives from Israel to Los Angeles

Once more, well familiar fears and concerns filled me as my life faced another move to a new country. The act of leaving Israel, detaching myself from the business I had built, with my lovely customers, and starting from scratch in a place far from family and friends. Far from every convenience familiar to me.

I didn’t give up this time as well and took that step. Ended my affairs and moved to a city I haven’t been in since my Bat-Mitzvah trip, without knowing what lies ahead across the ocean.

with my baby Yoav Schverd

with my baby Yoav Schverd

These days I help promote dozens of costumers on Instagram using a special aid we developed in the United States, and by that help their businesses grow on it in the right way. In addition to this I’m also working on a startup I cannot really talk about right now (exciting!!). I’m in a good place in life, one that I love and is profitable to me. I also learned how to balance between work and leisure, sports and quality time with my guy, Yoav, whom I married during the last Burning-Man festival. I achieved all of this after going through some hard times and many difficulties. And even when something didn’t really work, I got up, dusted myself off and kept going – onwards and upwards.

Our wedding at the burningman spirit

Our wedding at the burningman spirit (Image by Tomer Perets)



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