Soneva Fushi in the Maldives - A Magical Fairy Tale

Three years ago, just after our wedding at Burningman, we went on a honeymoon to the beautiful beaches of Thailand. On the way, we made a stop in Israel for a few days.

This year we came full circle:

Yoav and I went to Burningman and this time I was pregnant (almost six months pregnant!). Then we went for a romantic vacation in the Maldives, and just like last time, before the Maldives, made a stop in Israel for a few days.

This time we didn’t just visit beautiful beaches. This time we got to be hosted at a fantastic resort called Soneva Fushi in the Maldives – a piece of heaven on earth.

And really – there are no exaggerations or excessiveness in this article.

I was so genuinely excited about every moment of this vacation that every word in this article was written from the bottom of my heart. All the details here are accurate.

Vacationing when six months pregnant at Soneva Fushi - A Dreamy Island in the Maldives (wearing JonnyWas)

Heaven on Earth

The experience at Soneva exceeded expectations. Every single part of it.

We were, of course, expecting to enjoy ourselves. But what we got was an experience at the highest level, far beyond our dreams.

We couldn’t have asked for anything better for our last vacation before becoming parents, which will happen very soon.

What is so special about this place?

To start, everything in this place is just right. Everything is on point. No mistakes. Not a single thing here is less than perfect. Someone here thought of all the details.

From the design of the Male airport waiting room to the luxurious sofas scattered in the villa where we stayed. From the hotel’s restaurants to the diving shaft. And don’t get me started about the cocktail bar.

Magic moments - so easy to capture a good image. Soneva Fushi.

Out Of The Blue

One of the magical places in Soneva Fushi is the fish and seafood restaurant Out Of The Blue. It’s a restaurant that sits on the water, not near the water, but right on it. 

Built on posts over the Reef, with fish swirling under and around, the beautiful wooden restaurant structure. There are three different kitchens, all of them open. And then there are also a wine room, a cheese and sausage room, a chocolate room, a desserts room and a bar. The seating includes the iconic floating rafts on the water, with huge turquoise and yellow pillows, which blend perfectly with the colors of the water and sky beneath and above them.

outof the blue
At the amazing Out Of The Blue restaurant in Soneva Fushi. Wearing the perfect Avishag Arbel dress

Fresh From The Garden

Fresh from the Garden is another incredible multi-story restaurant made entirely of wood. Here too you can find the same turquoise and yellow cushions and couches, the island’s recurring motif.

The restaurant is surrounded in every direction by banana trees. As you walk along the wooden bridge connecting the entrance path from the forest to the restaurant itself, you feel that you are walking into an Alice in Wonderland kind of dream. All the dishes in the restaurant are the freshest and finest imaginable. There is an abundance and variety of fresh vegetation that grows right next to the restaurant. Everything is delicious and fresh. This chef’s restaurant offers dishes that are not only beautiful but also delicious. To top it all, the customer service is exceptional.

Soneva Fushi Dream Villa

The villa suite we stayed in was luxurious and impressive.

With the sea around us, a saltwater pool in the doorway and a freshwater pool at the rear, you couldn’t help but feel instantly at home.

The villa is set in a “jungle” of infinite green, and in the back there is a stunning open shower (one of four showers that were in the villa). The design is based around the use of wood and glass. The bed, sofas, living room table, dresser in the shape of a suitcase containing the TV, the fish-shaped hangers, the stairs and the railing to the second floor – everything is exquisitely carved from wood. Delicate, simple, and beautiful.

The Winning Team at Soneva Fushi

One of the extraordinary things that really made our stay experience so remarkable was the service of the staff.

The service was always accompanied by smiles. Real smiles, from people who are happy to see you, happy you came to dinner, to the food stall, to the boat, to the bar, or to the golf-car ride that takes you from one place to another on the island. It felt like all staff just loves their jobs. And always on point with everything. 

No matter what was their job – from our Mr. Friday (that lovely guy who accompanied us from the moment we arrived) to the waiters and chefs of every restaurant, who made a ritual of welcoming us personally every evening and every morning. From the hosts to the cleaners, everyone was very lovely, and thanks to them we had an amazing time. Way beyond our imagination.

סונבה פושי
Perfect Maldives Sunset of Soneva Fushi. Perfect dress by Avishag Arbel

Breakfast at Soneva Fushi

The breakfasts at Soneva Fushi need an article of their own

Yoav and I traveled every morning between different parts of the world through Soneva’s culinary kitchen.

From American cuisine and familiar Mediterranean cuisine, through French pastries, Italian coffee, and Valrhona chocolate. Our favorite Asian kitchens: Indian, Japaneese, Chineese, and Sri Lankan. And, of course, the local dishes of the Maldives. I admit we were like two bears who didn’t stop eating. Everything was so fresh and delicious that it was hard to refuse the Chefs, who didn’t stop indulging us with different types of dishes and specialties, ignoring the fact that the day has only begun. 

A table waited for us each morning, just steps from the blue water. Yoav discovered dishes that he was not even familiar with and tasted more and more of the different worlds every day. I was amazed by the selection of muesli, fruits, and fresh vegetables (locally grown, of course). Everything was fresh, done on the spot, and delicious :). And, as always, the service transcended itself. As soon as s need arose, there was immediately a solution ready, and always with a smile.

And speaking of top-notch service, there was a touch of magic in Soneva: Whenever we left the room, whether for breakfast, dinner, sunset boating, or watching dolphins, the room was always perfectly tidy when we returned. Everything was cleaned and what was needed – replaced.

Magical Sunset on an Island Near Soneva

On our second day, we were invited to a cocktail at sunset.

Naturally, I thought – well, probably a nice bar, people, cocktails – sounds nice.

But they surprised us big time. When we got to a spot right on the beach near the island’s main courtyard, we found out that the cocktail celebration will take place on a tiny island off Soneva.

Surprised and excited, we boarded a boat and sailed 5 minutes from our island. We arrived at a tiny island that is all white sand. There was nothing there — neither tree or bush. A crew served a variety of drinks and treats and then left without leaving a mark on the pristine island. 

We got to see the sunset in an array of colors, breathe the nature, feel the sea and waves gently caress our hearts, as well as enjoy local delicacies, treats and cocktails. Not to mention, that of course, they had taken care of some non-alcoholic drinks for me – the pregnant lady. 

It was the essence of fantasy – water on every side, clean white sand, and a beautiful sunset. To our delight, there was also a photographer with a drone there, who left us with memories for a lifetime (:

Here are some of them:

Soneva Fushi in the Maldives - A Magical Fairy Tale
Soneva Fushi in the Maldives - A Magical Fairy Tale

Infinity of Nature And Animals

Throughout our stay, we felt a closeness to nature. The island is built in a smart and eco-friendly way with the use of natural materials. We never saw a plastic bag, not one. Only wood, recycled paper, and glass, which by the way, was immaculate, always. The wood is elegantly interwoven in the beautiful design of the island.

Animals were also on the journey with us. And as both of us are just crazy about animals, this island seems to have been tailor-made for us.

I’ve been to the Maldives twice before, for a dive trip with sharks and whale sharks and mints – but this time we enjoyed animals outside the deep sea.

Dolphins swimming and jumping around us in sunset cruises, sea turtles (we counted 12!) on the fun snorkeling we did on an underwater reserve close to the island. Different kinds of unique fish we saw every day, offshore and in the water. And rabbits – Yes, yes, rabbits. The island is home to about 300 (!) rabbits that eat from the vegetable and are even vaccinated twice a year. It turns out that 25 years ago someone brought one (a fertile one probably!) to the island: the rest is history.

We didn’t stop looking for the rabbits, who skipped around us and the island and even came over to eat directly from our hands! <3

אוהבי חיות
Two animal crazed people around dolphins and rabbits. There goes the whole vacation 😉 All day was spent with the animals.

And so ended a magical trip on a beautiful island, and wonderful resort, called Soneva Fushi in the Maldives.

We can only hope that after the birth of our baby (may it pass safely, as they say), we will be able to return here again.

Looking forward to the future to come. Soneva Fushi, Maldives



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