This week I spoke in a fascinating panel in the 2013 Socialize summit.

Nowadays, we all face the incredible revolution social platforms have caused. These platforms crated some massive changes in both people’s behaviors and in the business world.

More and more businesses understand the fact that communication with their clients has become two-sided; that commercials pushed in the eyes of their clients no longer do the trick; and that every organization must create a supporting community with its clients that goes beyond the campaigns.

Connecting with the clients and creating a supporting community, create a strong basis for future sales, a larger exposure and a long lasting business-client relationship.

I had the honor to speak in the most fascinating panel at the Socialize summit (details here)aninternational summit dedicated to social business, founded by KerenLiteani.

Tal Navarro lifestyle and digital

Tal Navarro lifestyle and digital

What’s Socialize and what’s in it?

Socialize is Israel’s first consulting agency that offers advanced management on social and behavioral platforms. The company was founded by KerenLitani.

The summit hosted Prof. Dan Arieli, author of ‘Predictably Irrational’, New York Times’ best seller and Amazon’s book of the year (2008).

Watch my full interview with Prof. Arieli:

Arieli, aside of being a charming man (he greeted each and every one of the people who pounced him with a camera or a book to sign and was unbelievably tolerant), is one of the most fascinating people I got to meet in the last years, and he managed to fascinate the entire crowd. No wonder he’s a TED speaker and that millions have watch his lectures online (including myself!).

Dan spoke about human decision making. He discussed the complexity of business-client relations, what makes us purchase the most expensive products and questioned the rationality of our decisions.  

What else?

KerenLitani, summit’s initiator, opened the event and spoke about models of human behavior, consisting of motivation (what we want to do), ability (what we are able to do) and trigger (what we are told to do).

In her speech, Litani explained that behavior is a combination of motivation, ability and trigger. WEB 2.0 platforms allow organization and developers to manage user behaviors, if only they grasp its potential and if they learn to deal with the human aspects.

The next speaker, Gal Oestreicher (Tel Aviv University), was chosen by The Marker magazine as one of Israel’s 50 sharpest minds.

Oestreicher spoke about her researches in the field of ecommerce, and pointed outher conclusions. According to Oestreicher, organization must change their state of mind and become more social (change organizational culture).

Tal Navarro lifestyle and digital

Tal Navarro lifestyle and digital

SagiHemetz, CEO of ‘Blink’ spoke about user behavior online. He mentioned that as the brand/company/organization becomes more natural to the audience, they will be more connected with the brand and will enjoy consuming future products.

At the bottom line – the social world is about people connecting with people. If companies understand it and become more honest and authentic– they will enjoy a much larger exposure and a supportive community.

‘Telling your brand’s story on Social platform’ – the panel I participated in

One of the panels I participated in dealt with telling a brand’s story, and speaking openly with the crowd.

We spoke about three different viewpoints:

Andreas Nicklas – Business development manager at ‘Lithium’, spoke about how they prepare the enterprises to adapt to the new organizational culture.

Ophir Nahmani – Community manager at a new Cloud technology startup, spoke about the challenges of managing a community and trust building in a community that exists only online (based on Cloud technology).

I spoke about authenticy on the web – how to interest people, make them participate in the contents, join the community and enjoy the brand shares them.

Special thanks to KerenLitani for the summit, I look forward to next year.





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