Ever since I can remember…

Shimon Peres was an inseparable part of my childhood.

My mother, may she rest in peace, was crazy about him, my father always praised him, the neighbors had his picture on their wall. Wherever I went, I saw his picture framed on the walls. These are my childhood memories.

Apart of being a kind and loving person, (who I sometimes want to hug and squeeze as if he was my grandpa) he is an outstandingly learned man, and one of Israel’s finest leaders. Peres was twice Israel’s Prime Minister; served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs under Yizhak Rabin(as Prime Minister); and was one of the three 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winners, along with Yizhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

As the social media platforms started to take roots, Peres was not left behind. He began tweeting on Twitter a long time ago (@PeresCenteForPeace), and in 2009, in a special press conference with YouTube founder Chad Harley (who arrived to Israel especially), Peres presented his new YouTube channel and invited everybody to join!

How can you possible say no?!

His YouTube channel contains videos of his speeches, activities and meetings. Many of the titles are in English – a smart move that allows people all over the world to watch, and promotes Israel’s public image.

Shimon Peres wants you to ‘like’ him

If you thought politics are for old suited people who speak a lot but do so little, think again!

Peres held a visit to the Silicon Valley, where he met with high-tech industry officials (such as HP CEO Mag Wittman, Cisco CEO, visit to IBM and more) and gave an exclusive interview to Shrill Sandberg (COO Facebook and Google’s former Vice-President). In the interview, Peres answered live online questions asked by people around the world.  

While launching his new Facebook page, Peres reveals a refreshingly hip promotion video, composed and remixed by NoyAllosh. The video quickly became viral and, most importantly, helped Israeli public affairs. 

Shimon has a sweet sense of humor, and he made me (and probably half of the world) laugh hysterically. He spoke about our beautiful country, answered the guy who asked if he still believes in peace (answered positively of course! There’s nothing like his optimism… and mine… a true peace seeker!), and explained to yet another guy that being a politician is not about controlling others, it’s about serving others. He claimed that what he loves most about his job is to speak openly to the people and serve them properly.

So… aren’t you going to like him?