Without a doubt, competition exists outside of politics. In other word, politicians compete over seats, voters, popularity, and nowadays – even on ‘likes’. So who has more likes, shares, comments… who’s more popular online?

Who’s leading the game?

Tzipi Livni who recently revealed her new Party, has a gallery of cover photos that show her new slogan and photos of her past political activity.

Tzipi presently has more than 31 thousand followers on Facebook, and the revelation of her new party created numerous discussions, supporting and objecting her moves. Many hilarious memes (fake photos) were generated to criticize her (like any other politician in that field) as well as long lasting debates over her return to politics.

Livni, a strong and impressive woman who behaves accordingly, is often criticized both offline and on social platforms.

On Twitter, Tzipi has almost 10 thousand followers and her tweets are automatically updated from Facebook. She sometimes posts a personal tweet, and this is an important move that shows it’s not all automatic.

Yair Lapid

Yair’s activity over the social media is very impressive. Not only is Yair most spoken about, maybe a little bit more than Prime Minister Netanyahu, but he also invests time and resources in his digital campaign, designing the tabs and personally answering his followers.

The new application that was launched yesterday on Yair’s Facebook page is noteworthy. This application includes the party’s (‘YeshAtid’) vision and it allows users to write to Lapid personally. He is the only politician that manages his Facebook openly, and in accordance to what he says “offline”. Interacting and responding to people’s questions and claims on Facebook is a key element that shows care, thought and dedication to the followers.  

Binyamin Netanyahu

As always, Bibiis one heck of a show. With almost 400 thousands ‘likes’, Bibi’s Facebook page is always active, mainly when it comes to photos his social media people upload. For every photo he posts, Bibi gets thousands of likes, hundreds of comments and numerous shares. Many people write on his wall to show support or criticism.

Netanyahu knows how to play the game. In the past, when fake memes of his were posted, he posted his own photos with the word ‘dugri’ coming out of his mouth (referring to his speech in the UN summit, September 2011).

The Prime Minister is also active on Twitter, with somewhat 127 thousand followers and more than 600 tweets. You can also find him uploading photos on Instagram.

Clearly, I must say, it’s Bibi’s people who manage his pages on his behalf. A Prime Minister who is too busy tweeting and responding to people on Facebook is not exactly what this country is missing… or is it? The Prime Minister’s Office claims that he occasionally received notes from followers and even responds in person.

Shelly Yachimovich

Shelly Yachimovich, head of the Labor (Ha’avoda) party, presently has almost 59 thousand followers on Facebook, and she manages an extensive activity online. She always opens her posts with “Hi, this is Shelly”, a personal statement that I really like. When other people post on her behalf, they identify themselves, so it’s easier to know who is writing.

Shelly shares things from her daily life, shows polls in her support, and shares articles and political videos. Her Facebook page has a lot of activity and interaction.

On Twitter

she has somewhat 5,000 followers, and her activity comes mainly from Facebook.

The social networks open the doors for each and every politician to reach a larger crowd in a more personal approach than any other form of media.

Using the platforms correctly, a politician could affect voters and change opinions. However, he must choose his words wisely and prepare himself for criticism and harsh feedbacks that will remain visible on his wall.

In the end – social media is an essential democratic tool, and once a politician understands it, he could reach people’s hearts in no time.



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