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Want to learn more about the world of social media?
What is it all about?
Why do we even need it?

Many people have not yet realized the incredible potential of social media and the digital marketing tools. It is true, almost everyone today has heard of Facebook. Everyone knows how to “like” and write on other people’s walls. But…how do you use Facebook to promote your business?

We know that the field of social media is constantly changing which makes it harder for us to control and work with the various platforms we are introduced to. I enjoy every moment of training others, creating workshops and lecturing. Based on my knowledge and many years experience with social media and the online world and, after you are given the information and guidance you are seeking, I am positive you will feel confident the next time you approach this great tool.

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Tal Navarro digital marketing lectures

In My training Seminars

I will teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about the world of social media, starting with constructing a business plan and, on to details about each and every platform and tool.

During our one-on-one training sessions you will receive personal guidance, and specific consultation on your business. Not everyone does well in a classroom with other students, and that’s where we come in. Our training seminars and meetings take place in a location convenient for you – personal training seminars on the subject of social media at your home or office, tailored for one person or a small group of people.

We make sure each client is given an individual and focused session, during which they receive information and are trained to work with the various platforms. We will be guiding and consulting you specifically, building your business strategies in social media, and therefore meet your business needs on different social media platforms. The consultation/training takes place in a personalized manner based on the client’s needs and learning pace, while tracking the development and success of the business. For your convenience, all seminars and meetings take place at a time and location of your choice.

Tal Navarro Training Seminars

The main subjects I give training seminars on are:

Building strategies for how to best utilize the company’s digital toolbox

Facebook marketing

Facebook and Google advertising

Effective marketing on Twitter

YouTube marketing and effective use of Google+

Marketing on LinkedIn

Smart marketing on every platform

Marketing and promoting through blogs

Building business strategy for company activities

Effective content writing

Various features of the foundations of social media

The world of personal branding

And more…

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