My Thailand Honeymoon Journey

Part 1: Chiang Mai  | Part 2: Koh Phangan  | Part 3: Koh Samui and Bangkok

Well, I am not really sure how to even begin describing my crazy, exciting and romantic experiences I had in Thailand. Once we were picked up from home and until we came back,  me and Yoav had really an amazing experience that will be remembered for both of us for a long time.

Relaxing in Thailand. Tal Navarro and Yoav schverd

Relaxing in Thailand

Tal Navarro food shopping in Chaign Mai

food shopping in Chaing Mai

It all started when FlyEast approached me to work with them and market their vacation package for couples that they are carried out, called “Flymoon” – their honeymoon and romantic vacations brand .

We packed our stuff and started our trip in Chaing Mai.

Chiang Mai

Since Yoav is a chef, we had a Thai cooking lessons together, learned how to make the local food dishes, not before we visited the local market and bought the ingredients with our local guides.

cooking in Chiang Mai Tal Navarro & Yoav Schverd

Cooking in Chiang Mai

The Perfect Chantaramas hotel at KohPhangan

The Perfect Chantaramas hotel at KohPhangan

Baby Elephant’s Rehabilitation Farm

The next morning we visited Patara Elephant Farm, a center focused on rehabilitating elephants that have been abandoned, injured or abused. On my last trip to Thailand two years ago, I visited a similar place, but this time the experience was more powerful by a tenfold as I arrived more aware of the elephants and their needs.

When we finally reached the location after an hour’s drive through a wild tropical forest, we met with an adorable family of elephants: a mother and two young siblings. One, who we nicknamed Pilpiloni, was only a few months old, and the other 3 years old. Both had just finished nursing their breakfast.

And then all of a sudden, Pilpiloni discovered our arrival.

with Pilpiloni the elephant. Thailand 2016

with Pilpiloni the elephant. Thailand 2016

He began flailing around joyfully, and running towards us to play. Now imagine a 4 ton elephant sprinting in your general direction with the intention of bumping into you in a playful manner. He began grabbing mud by his trunk and throwing it on his back and all around, then running back to hide behind his mother’s legs. We were soaked in mud but enjoyed every minute…

In between play sessions he also ate the bamboo sticks scattered on the ground, much like the other two elephants who were also eating nonstop. To be fair, I assume that an animal that size has to eat quite a bit.

The elephants were so human-like that we immediately fell in love.

We finished off this muddy, incredible day in a romantic suite at the hotel called Khum Phaya Centara, which looked more like a rural village in the middle of the jungle.

What can I say? It was like a dream…. (See more on chapter 2! Click here for more images!)

Part 1: Chiang Mai  | Part 2: Koh Phangan  | Part 3: Koh Samui and Bangkok



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