My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019

Burning-Man was a very special experience for me this year.ย My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019 was very unique.

This year I was pregnant for the first time, almost the sixth month already, and it was kind of a dream come true for me.ย I also had my wedding with the love of my life at Burning-Man. This year we got to experience Burning-Man as a pre-parents to our daughter which her due date is just in a few months.

Experiencing the Barningman in pregnancy is not a simple experience, but it is an amazing one. My energies were at their peak. I found myself dancing nonstop. Cycling as the wind strokes my face. Feeling in every cell of my body the wonder of creation. The wonder of the sunrise, sunset, music, energy, perfect nature and the endless artwork that was around and filled my heart and mind with renewed energies.

It was very exciting to witness and experience all this, just before we officially become parents.

My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019
First time pregnant in Burning Man
Celebrating our anniversary at our wedding place

Burning-Man symbolizes to me freedom, art, colors, the universe, nature and a collection of good and beautiful people all in one place, for a week of disengagement from daily routine.

The camp, the same group of people who are already like a family to me, wrapped us in love and the experience of the Playa was a unique year.

My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019
My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019


Since my mother passed away almost 10 years ago, her symbol is my butterfly ๐Ÿฆ‹. She is engraved on my wedding ring.ย I have lots of butterfly elements (in my jewelry, paintings, and more), whenever we (Yoav and I) see a butterfly, we know she’s around.

This year, Burning-Manโ€™s theme was “metamorphosis” – meaning change.ย Until I got to the event, I didn’t even know that. And the symbol of this year’s event was the butterfly.ย And so it turned out that the year was full of butterflies at Burning man.ย And that “metamorphosis” is exactly the change I’m going through with the pregnancy.

It excited me that my rest mother was an integral part of the experience and constantly accompanied me in the form of thousands of butterfly art, paintings and butterfly elements that were scattered throughout the week.

My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019
My Metamorphosis at Burning-Man 2019


That week I had a closer.

Last experiences of freedom, individually and in my relationship, just before a new chapter begins in my life.

I remember to thank every day for everything I have, always be happy in my part and know that life is entirety of moments. So as long as I am given lemons, Iโ€™ll always make as many as I can lemonade from it.

Endless love at Burningman



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