Success – Anyone Can Achieve It

Have you heard the story about the boy who started out as a penniless handyman and became a multi-millionaire who changes the lives of others?

Have you heard about the boy who was called dumb, kicked out of school, and today is the best-selling author of 17 books about how to get rich, after also becoming a multi-millionaire himself?

Remember the girl who came from a poor family and unmarried parents and became the richest African-American woman?

Or the young man born to family of farmers, who dropped out of college and eventually turned from a poor teenager to a 31 year old millionaire?

The common link between Anthony Robbins, Robert Shemin, Oprah, Jim Rohn and many more successful people just like them, is that they are all business people who reached financial freedom, power and great success with their own two hands.

Each of them succeeded in different ways, but they all have one thing common.

They did not get rich by converting their time into money.

And – they worked very hard to get to where they are.

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Ever since I can recall, I have always believed in my own freedom.

Anyone who has been following me on the internet can see that the guiding motto for my inspirational messages is love what you do and make sure you are always independent financially and in your work.

A man who has things – can not only enjoy what he has, but can also give more to others (which in my opinion is no less important).

I spent my childhood in the Krayot. Nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t come from a poor house, nor a rich family, and I was raised in a supportive environment and a loving family.

And ever since I can remember myself, I have set goals for myself to develop further and grow.

Robert Shemin and me

Robert Shemin and me

Don’t Be Afraid of Changes

As the years went by, I realized what I don’t want to be when I grow up.

I realized that I don’t want to work long hours while other people enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I realized how important it is for me to do what I really love to do on my own time.

I realized that if I want something and believed in it enough, it will happen. I will have it. But- it all depends on me.

It’s true,

We all live on a tight schedule.

We only have 24 hours a day to finish our house chores and work constraints.

And there are many other reasons which we tell ourselves, or use to prevent ourselves from moving forward or taking a step to fulfill our dreams.

But really, you only live once. Just once.

So if you’re only going to live once – it’s best that you do it right.

Life is what you make it.

Life is what you make it.

Building the Foundations for Success

One thing I truly believe in most – are assets. Building a foundation which generates money and works on your behalf.

Therefore, over the years I developed various digital assets, which generate my income and create new challenges all the time (for instance this website, the newsletter I send out each month, social media networks, etc.)

In addition, I maintain several real estate properties, I previously purchased around the US (I would love to consult and assist anyone interested) which create a financial freedom for me and allow me to travel the world.

At the same time, I take part in ventures, long term projects and partnerships, that let me build long term foundations over time.

All this alongside ongoing work (Consultations, trainings, lectures, etc.) which lets me finance myself as I develop my own assets and foundations – these are my little secrets to you for peace of mind and great sense of security.

The choice of freedom is in your hands.

If you have any questions, inquiries, thoughts – Feel free to ask me anything.

Yours always,





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