Not entirely sure how I managed to write about the Burningman during my last visit there (full coverage and clip here), cause this year left me simply speechless.

Other than my wedding, of which I talk about later in this article, For being such a special and extraordinary event, Burningman gets different meanings from many people . Such as masquerade, performance event, desert carnival and so on.

But the truth is, you can’t really explain this miraculous phenomenon with words.
It’s kind of like trying to explain color to a blind man.

Burningman – city for a week

Burningman is a “city”, built for only one week then disassembled leaving this piece of desert land just as empty as it was before. In this week the residents of Burningman reach approximately 70,000 people, all of them attend the event equipped with sleeping gear, food, drinks and something called “gifting” –  A  present offering  tradition, derived from the event’s principles of giving. On the Playa there’s no use of money so everyone must look out for their own needs during the event.

yoav schverd and tal navarro

burningman spirit. Image by Tomer Peretz

Writing can’t really convey the Burningman experience, perhaps the photos can. Lucky for us – Plenty of those. I hardly took any this time around, but this event makes it simply impossible to stop taking photos! Burningman is a city of experiences; costumes, spectacular art installations, lights glowing in the dark and endless colors of daylight. Wherever you turn – a perfect photogenic site. Whether it’s the people, the art, nature’s fierceness like the sand storms, the insane and infinite desert, the sunsets and rises.

The most wonderful thing about this city is that everyone can just be – themselves. Wear whatever makes them feel good, enjoy their own choices and express themselves and their personal talents through the “gifting”. For example – jewelry designers hand out gifts of jewelry, others perform, some offer drinks or body painting and so on. Each and every one with their own “gifting” or small tokens.

yoav schverd and tal navarro

Getting Married BM style . By Tomer Peretz

A bicycle ride into the unknown night

Every night on the Playa or “town center”, where all of the magic actually happens and new experiences occur, we went out. Mostly during night time, to roam around the great Playa. It’s around 2:30 am and we’ve slept 3 hours, woke up in the RV and got ready, hopped on our bikes and headed towards the Playa. The dusty and flat field of the Playa makes the ride, unlike anywhere else, an extraordinary experience. Chilled fresh air filled our lungs and once we left our camp area an endless weave of stars sewn onto an endless black twill of skies was spread above us.

It is so that the Burningman is spread over long miles, organized and divided by letters and “hours”, every “half an hour” connects with a new turn to a “street” packed with surprises.

Tal navarro burningman wedding

free as a bird.

We passed from one camp to another, like cruising between amusement park facilities, from one to the other; some of them hold concerts, smiley people, parties, music, colors, gigantic screens with different broadcasts, artsy looking lid-up cars with music and people, rolling in slow to non-existing speed throughout the Playa, countless of lid-up decorated bicycles moving next to us, in front of us, behind us and towards us from every possible direction.

At times we paused somewhere in order to join an enchanting dancing rhythm, up to the point we got tiered and kept roving our bikes to the next destination. At times laughing our butts off during various performances given by magicians, singers, musicians and other artists who found a stage and occasionally even a crowed and enjoyed sharing their creation.

Tal navarro burningman wedding

My burningman wedding

My perfect wedding.

And what’s amazing is that it was all improvised – except for the groom and rings.

My Burningman wedding was scheduled more or less two weeks prior to its happening, when Yoav kneeled down and proposed to me (with an amazing, symbol ached ring) at our natural place, the sea shore..

Of course I said yes to the man I love, and with absolute mutual understanding, we both decided to get married at the Burningman.

yoav schverd and tal navarro burningman wedding

Dusty on our Burningman wedding

It was with the help of some incredible human beings, to whom I must give a big hearty thanks for making everything beyond a dream coming true (and to whom I will be dedicating a special thank you at the end of this article)– that my improvised wedding was so much better than any wedding I could have ever planed for myself.

When we reached Burningman, after spending 16 hours on infinite roads (in which Yoav was driving the Carawan throughout and me right beside him at the passenger seat, trying my best to sympathize), we began snooping around for the best spot to perform the ceremony. First few days we walked the wondrous Playa, until we came across a wonderfully Renaissance inspired art gallery, it was right in the middle of the Playa, not very far from the “man” (THE – Burningman himself), the gallery belonged to a good friend and a special human being, Pini, who then later also married us off.

yoav schverd and tal navarro burningman wedding

My eyelashes are white because of the dust!

Big thank yous, simply because they are so well deserved

I want to thank some amazing people, who up until a month ago had no idea they were about to make a dream of mine come true by taking part of this incredible desert event I shared with Yoav:

Avi Mor (“Emanuel “gown brand) which, by a mere basic Instagram encounter, had my stunning dress of his own design flown to me a single day prior to my trip and even gave me his blessing, while in this mid-desert placed Carawan, to trim and change it a bit just a short time before the wedding.
Ronit Portal, a true prodigy in both styling and cloths designing for mass productions (wickedly talented and an indescribably kind soul) who allowed me to be so lucky as to wear her creations and feel her awesome energies on me throughout the entire event.
Karen Wolf, who without any hesitation, sent me some ravishing items from her Israeli jewelry collection and was in my heart the whole time.
Maor Cohen, for designing mine and Yoav’s rings and for taking care of Yoav’s personal style for the wedding.
Pini Siluk and his wonderful gallery which became our wedding “venue”, with Pini himself as the coolest “Rabbi” I could have ever imagined marrying us off.
Tomer Perez who appeared in my life just a day before the wedding in Burningman, who suddenly showed up and began documenting the whole thing, thanks to him I now have photos to help me remember this event forever.
Lupa company, for taking care of a free custom made photo album only two days after Burningman ended so I could cherish this wedding not only on my iPhone and pc, but to also be able to flip through a real album from time to time, a rare commodity these days.
And to all who helped me with the preparations: Hanna the gifted stylist, Rachel who did my makeup, Jessica for being supportive, Carrie who helped. Eldad for driving us to the spot of the event and to everyone who took part in these moments.

From here on out you all share a place in my heart.

yoav schverd and tal navarro burningman wedding

Riding on the playa at the burningman