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Lectures and Workshops

“After Navarro’s lecture we finally all understood that you simply can’t ignore social media. Since the lecture, Tal guided us to our satisfaction in building a strategy to implement the activity of our concessionaires and their Facebook office team.”
Adina Hacham – General Manager, Anglo-Saxon

“Tal brought her professional expertise, her great love for the business and the field and her knowledge and skills and turned the course into an extremely enriching and empowering experience.”
Naama Malichi-Nachum, Social Media Manager, Golan Advertising Agency

“Tal Navarro worked with us through a process which included fundamental workshops for the various departments, as well as establishing a social media layout for Ledico’s different business departments (industry, safety and security, elevators, work tools, auto, green energy, multimedia).
Through professionalism and expertise, politeness and always with a patient smile, we learned step by step the secrets of social media marketing and its advantages.

Today Tal continues to guide us along thought processes and social media strategies with open-mindedness and endless professionalism”.
Anat Beker Meir – Multimedia Manager at Bosch Ledico

Speaking about the digital future

“Tal Navarro gave us a lecture on the subject of social media in a professional workshop we held for insurance agents in Tel Aviv. It’s clear that Tal is an expert in her field and dominates it on all its aspects!

Tal communicated the material in the most interesting manner, through examples relevant to the participants.
Her lecture piqued much interest and raised many questions.
Very highly recommended!
Tamar Solel-Zikk, Distribution Channels Marketing Manager, Excellence-Nessuah Investment House

“Allow me to thank you for your professional contribution to the Afula City Council. Your professionalism was clear throughout the entire lecture, and the tools we acquired are currently being implemented in the municipal authorities. There’s no doubt that you opened a window for us into the world of social and digital media, a world you are fully in command of.”
Afula City Council Management Rep

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tal navarro lecture about social media

tal navarro lecture about social media

Partial List of Lectures and Workshops Given by Tal Navarro:

  • An easy lecture experience on the subject of social media

A general lecture on the world of social media, a review of the different activities happening around the world, changes brought upon by new media, revolutions it inspired, etc.

The lecture can be an enriching experience, integrated into companies, events and the like.

  • Marketing on social media:

A review lecture on marketing and advertising on the various social media platforms. The lecture goes into the influence of social media on our lives as well as on the business world, internet user behaviors, key notes on marketing strategy in social media, and details on some of the leading platforms in the market.

Participants leave with insight, special tips on the world of digital marketing and an understanding of the basic marketing tools through today’s strongest media channels

  • Personal branding through the digital world:

This lecture provides all the fundamental information you need for building a digital brand, with an emphasis on social media platforms. I will teach you how to leverage the power of social media and its different “networking” possibilities. The lecture also touches on organizational branding, going into not only the personal aspects, but also the hierarchal and organizational ones.

  • Men and women on social media:

The lecture focuses on female versus male behavior on the different platforms, examples for various activities, strategies on making contact with each of the sexes on social media and how to leverage that media to boost new audience for both sexes through different methods. An especially funny and fascinating lecture.

  • The world of digital headhunting:

Social recruitment means recruiting new employees through the power of social media and its various platforms (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). In today’s world all of our personal information is laid out for everyone on the web to see, as well as the characteristics and personality of each user and his business dealings. Social recruitment allows headhunters to reach professionals quicker and with greater accuracy for the needs of the interested parties.

  • Digital strategy:

What is digital strategy and how do you implement it? How do you take a product or company and make it social, make it “speak” the language of social media? How do you make a product tell a story and convince a whole community to support and believe in it? A lecture which takes you step by step through building brand strategies.

  • Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Google+/Twitter:

Specific and focused lectures on the various platforms. The lecture will review the different elements of the particular social media platform, explain its interface, its many features, its advantages and disadvantages and the most effective way to utilize it for your needs.

  • Additional lectures given by Tal:
  • The future of social media
  • Safety on the different social media platforms
  • The world of adolescents on social media
  • Tal Navarro’s life story an inspirational talk
  • and more…

tal navarro lecture social media

Language: Tal Navarro gives lectures in English or Hebrew

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