Laurel Eastman and meย  hadย a special meeting in Cabarete ๐Ÿ™‚

For many years I was honored to have a few articles in my website about Laurel, her school was part of my website since always and I enjoyed promoting events Laurel organized in different places all over the world.

During my last visit in Cabarete on December 2009, I finaly met.

Laurel welcomed me and Thierry that came with me, with a big smile and a warm hug. She introduced us her lovely kiteboarding school that is located on kite beach in Cabarete and showed us around Cabarete beaches.
Laurel is the owner OF LEK kiteboarding school and sheย lives in Cabarete since 6 years now, along with her life partner – Peter Pen (her cute dog!)

So… Who is Laurel Eastman?

Laurel is a powerful kitesurfing girl, who was born on a mountainside in Northern California. With a surfer dad and activist/artist mother, Laurel was grown from a love for sports, nature, travel, and communication. Learning to walk by chasing the ducks, swimming in the rivers and playing the in garden was just the pre-school necessary to create such a wild and free spirit.

Laurel Eastman meets tpk in cabarete: Laurel travels alot….

From dancing on bars in Portugal to ripping the mountain in Chamonix, walking dogs in London, teaching in West Africa, guiding young travelers around Europe, filming dolphin encounters in New Zealand and extreme snowboarding and skiing in the South Island, NZ, Laurel has experienced an incredible amount of diverse cultures and lifestyles in her travels.

And then came kiteboarding, and her life would never be the same. With a torn-out magazine page in her hand which depicted the freedom of flying and adreneline Laurel was searching: Flash Austin in an upside down Christ position (deadman) flying over the palm tree lined coast, Laurel bought a plane ticket to Hawaii.

Knowing not a kiteboarding soul, she arrived on Oahu and within 3 days had a job at the local kite shop selling lessons and T-shirts. The head instructor was Jeff Tobias, who immediately took Laurel under his wing and guided her development into the talented kite star she is today. After a year of hard work, teaching and training, Laurel set out once again for Europe, this time with a board bag and a dream to be the world champion.

Stay tuned to hear about Laurel’s new kitesurfing school that will open up soon at Cook Islands…

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