Jeff Pulver and I is a special story for me.

One autumn evening (March 1st to be precise..) a friend of mine invited me to a “Guest Lecture at IDC Hertzelia”.
He said Jeff Pulver will be lecturing there and that he is an important figure in the social media world and got something interesting to say.

So I went…

jeff pulver and meNot sure how this evening would end up, I entered the classroom where Jeff where lecturing.
Jeff Pulver is an entrepreneur and investor who started nearly 50 companies, and is the co-founder of VoIP provider, Vonage, the largest internet telephony service provider in the United States.

So I listened…

And it was great! Jeff gave his personal philosophy about approaching life, self-belief and told us about his life story and how did he reach to where he did.

Lucky me, I stood not far from Jeff and as he finished his lecture, right after the crowd applaused l- I approached him quickly.

A minute before tons of people came over and prevented my access to him, I glinsed at him, asked him quietly if we could meet up before he leaves back to the states…
He gave me his business card, a shy smile and wrote quickly his cellphone number on it, asking me to contact hin the day after.

The day after, Jeff invited me to join him at the “Nana10-Facebook Purim event” that took place in the TLV night club at Tel Aviv.

So guess what?
sure…I went ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jeff Pulver and I spent all night together, chatting, dancing and socializing with a lot of famous figures around from the high-tech world.

Jeff is a super smart nd lovely person, who inspires me since I know him and has a huge carring heart that always looking for helping others.

For all his other passions and hobbies, and his playful approach to work,Jeff Pulver is deadly serious when it comes to the future of communications. He sees himself as an agent of change. Jeff says while he’d like to cash in on his ideas, he isn’t out to run a big corporation.
His real mission, he says, is to identify the next big things in technology, show they have potential, and encourage other entrepreneurs and investors to take them seriously.

Jeff Pulver and I is a special story for me. Jeff is a special guy and every visit he has here, I learn something new.
I can’t wait for his next visit in Israel!

Read more about Jeff in his blog:

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