Instagram Opens Up Shopping Tags to More Businesses

“Shopping Tags” for Businesses

Instagram announced the addition of “shopping tags“, which will enable users to make an immediate purchase via the Instagram app.

This attachment will alter the rules of the game for businesses and online companies.

Instagram’s “shopping tags,” as simple as their name, allow eligible businesses to add price tags and descriptions to specific items in any image uploaded by onto their Instagram page.

When clicked on, the tag sends the user directly to the brand’s website to purchase the item.

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Instagram Gradually Implementing “Shopping Tags” Globally

Instagram has been slow in launching the potential feature that will elevate the user and store online experience due to numerous initial tests to ensure the process and attachment operates correctly and doesn’t “threaten” users.

The first step applied is the “shopping tags” feature which is being utilized more widely throughout the app.

After announcing the option last year, to American fashion brands and online stores, Instagram is now expanding by allowing “shopping tags” for companies and products from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

“Instagram is a Great Place for People to Discover and Share Their Passions”

As expressed by Instagram itself, “We know that Instagram is a great place for people to discover and share their passions.”

Through shopping on Instagram, a sense of discovery and satisfaction is experienced; users are provided with a visual store to explore new products from brands they like.

With easy access to pricing and product details, buyers can tap on a tagged post within the content or through the store button on the business profile to follow the steps below to learn more.”

Businesses are modernizing and therefore flourishing.


Eligibility for “Buy Tags”

If we are interested in learning more, we must first examine whether our business is eligible to include “shopping tags” on our posts. To check Instagram’s eligibility requirements, click here and go through the steps. Once we’ve checked all the boxes, we can send our account for review.

Instagram says that the testing process usually takes a few days, but it may take longer if more details are required. If our account is approved, we will receive a message directly from Instagram, slotting us the option to label products throughout or posts.

Product labeling is similar to how we tag people or other accounts, businesses can attach “shopping tags” by selecting the relevant image and selecting “tag products.”

Once we’ve selected the item we want to attach a link to on the product catalog list, we can move the tag around the image to highlight and select the right item.



This is a big step for Instagram — this move broadens access to what many see as a significant key tool, generates future app profits, and cements business plans.

It certainly makes sense, so many people on Instagram look at product images regardless, this tool simplifies the user, shopper, and online website experience.

Thus through Instagram, brands and businesses will be able to make greater use of the platform.

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