How to Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram


When using Instagram as a platform for promoting your business, you have to be certain that you are reaching your targeted audience.

How do you find and reach them? How are your audiences using Instagram? Where are they?

Here a few ways that will help you find your targeted audience on Instagram so that you can connect with them.

Follow Hobby or Interest Hashtags:

Follow hashtags relevant to interests or hobbies that are related to your business. If you are nutrition or lifestyle coach, follow tags associated with health, like barre, yoga etc. In case you sell or create specialty items, follow tags that are relevant to your field.

Know the targeted demographic and know what your audiences are interested in. Use the following information to find them on Instagram.

Use Your Captions Properly:

While writing your caption, take a moment to understand what you are actually writing, check the spelling, and read the caption out loud. For instance, if you have a hair salon, and you are going to post a modern trend, then your caption might sound like this: ‘Hair doesn’t make the person but good hair certainly helps’. Or ‘It’s time to change your appearance’. See how relevant these captions are.

See Who is Following Your Rivals:

If you’re searching for your targeted audience on Instagram, there is a good chance they are engaging with, as well as following your rivals. This makes it easier – they are all in one place.

Visit your rival’s profiles and click on the ‘followers’, you will find an entire list of those who follow them. Based off on how many individuals follow them, some accounts may be more time consuming than others. Now scroll the followers’ list and find those who are your targeted audience. Search for people who engage and are active and find your ideal customer. Scroll through some of their posts and don’t forget to join in on the conversation by simply responding to the comments, answering a question or complimenting them.

It’s essential that you have the right followers on Instagram. Having 6000 followers who are not interested in your business or those who never use Instagram is simply useless to you. You should concentrate on finding and developing a bond with your targeted audience to see real-time outcomes on Instagram.