Well, let’s be honest.

Not all of us really friends with ALL our 3,576 “friends” on our list

And let’s face it –
We don’t really care what is the latest cow that the redneck from Detroit milked in farmville or what the blond girl was wearing in the last party…

We just don’t give a damm!

And therefore – we don’t really wanna see all those news feeds in front of us all the time…
What can we do? How Can You Clean Your Facebook?

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Hide Them From the Feed!

The simplest way to control what shows up in your News Feed is to click “Hide” on an item you don’t want to see. Facebook will ask you whether you want to hide that person or the subject he posted. The moment you will confirm it, you will not see anything from that person again.
Than you will see this message.

Nop, don’t worry.
Mister XXX doesn’t even know you hidden his updates from your vision… So you are on the safe side – he is not mad or upset.

And if after a while you thought about it and decided you actually DO want to see XXX updates at the new feeds section,
All you need to do is click on Edit Options (see above?) and you’ll see a list of all the people and Pages you’ve hidden. From there, you can restore the visibility of the items you’ve hidden, and set some additional options, such as the maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed.

Create Lists – One of the most important parts of – How Can You Clean Your Facebook

Well, we are coming back to the point I mentioned before…
Not all the people on your friends list are really your friends.
Some are business partners, coworkers and the rest are probably people you don’t even know at all!

We are lucky though, because Facebook has created for you an options to do “lists” from your friends and divid them to different categories.

Lists are displayed under Friends in the Facebook homepage
You need to click on it to see all the lists you’ve created. Furthermore, to edit lists, click on Account – Edit Friends. From there, you can add or remove friends from your lists, delete lists or create new ones.

To use lists, simply go to your homepage, and click on a list; you’ll only see news items created by the people you’ve added to that list. Perhaps even more importantly, the lists extend to the chat box. Once you’ve created one or more lists, you’ll see that the chat box now displays them separately. Click on Friend Lists; from there you can choose which lists do you want to see in the chat box. Fantastic if you have a lot of friends, but you only chat with a handful.


Sometimes, when you come to visit your Facebook page, you have this annoying applications notifications that your friends are using, which keep popping up on your wall. For example, if you’re not interested in Farmville, you probably don’t want to see how your friends’ garden is doing.

Again, it’s possible to fine tune which apps can do what to your profile, and I recommend doing this not only for the sake of clarity, but also for the sake of privacy and security.
The next step is to click on Account – Application Settings, and choose Show – Authorized from the drop down menu. You’ll probably be amazed at how many apps you’ve authorized; the list can become huge over time.

If you are not interested in the application – simply click the X button to delete it.
Click on Edit Settings; from there, you can deny the app to “publish recent activity (one line stories)” to your wall (under Additional Permissions). You can also choose whether you want the app to be located in your Bookmarks, and you can limit the visibility of that app’s tab on your profile.

Last But Important Tip for How Can You Clean Your Facebook –
Do that Facebook cleaning on a regular base. After a while, you’ll likely authorize new apps, and your profile will once again become cluttered with stuff you don’t really need to see on a daily basis. So it’s better keep the cleaning as a routine.
Because surfing and exploring Facebook is not the same if you have a mess and some updates you don’t want to see.
I don’t say – check it every day. But it is definitely a different experience if you will clean up your facebook every couple of months.
If you’ve got any additional tips on how to clean up your Facebook profile, let us know in the comments!

Hope that my article about How Can You Clean Your Facebook was helpful!





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