Five Ways to Get Your Post Featured

Use Popular Hashtags to Promote a Post

The concept of a hashtag on Instagram is actually to string a variety of photos together by tagging them and cataloguing various social networking topics.

The structure of the hashtag comprises of the pound key and text follows without any spaces. For example, “#commercialadvertisement”.

On every post we upload to our Instagram page, its advantageous to use a popular hashtag in order to receive more exposure and likes.

Furthermore, its recommended that a user should do an extensive and comprehensive search on Instagram in order to gather the most relevant hashtags for each post you upload to your account.

Top posts on Instegram

However, the real question is, can we promote our posts with popular hashtags and receive more exposure?

Moreover, what are the factors that determine which post is featured on the Instagram search page?

In this article I’ll explain everything you need to know about popular hashtags, and how to be the first to use a hashtag!

Top posts


What Are the Popular Hashtags?

When searching for a specific hashtag on Instagram, a user will find at the forefront of the search page, the daily nine most popular posts labeled, “Top Posts”.

According to Instagram, the “Top Posts” are tethered to the most popular and charming hashtags.

They’re offered to us users to convey the recently uploaded and most viewed posts. Below the original top nine results, the posts that follow are organized chronologically and are constantly updated.

This feature provides all Instagram users with the  potential of actually appearing on the “Top Posts” list, and thereby achieving maximum exposure on the application.

Just like the “Explore” page on the application, the “Top Posts” are chosen  due to a multitude of factors and components and are then organized alphabetically.

When any user searches for a specific hashtag on the app, Instagram presents the same organized list repeatedly for that day.

Regardless of where the user is located globally, if they enter the same hashtag, an identical “Top Posts” list appears.

Even more so, anyone who searches for the hashtag can actually explore the posts uploaded together by multiple other users branded with the hashtag.

What Does it Take For a Post to be Featured in the “Top Posts” List?

The algorithm behind Instagram’s “Top Posts” analyzes several components such as the amount of attention a user’s post receives on the application (likes and comments), the speed at which the post amasses likes and comments, and the popularity of the hashtag coupled with the post.

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1) Post Attention on the Application

The average user doesn’t actually know precisely how Instagram’s algorithm works. However, we do know that popular posts obviously take precedent Instagram, that is, if the post receives a lot of likes and comments, it is more likely that it’ll be considered as one of the top posts on the explore/search page.

For example, the #stayandwander — Most posts, if not all of the top posts tagged their photograph with this specific hashtag and  have more than 3,000 likes and 40+ comments.

In the pictures below, the photographs are organized chronologically regardless despite the number of likes and comments.

2) The Use of Popular and Unknown Hashtags

The use of especially popular hashtags on Instagram can generate a very competitive  environment and make it immensely difficult for users to reach the “Top Posts” list because of the commonality and repetitiveness of hashtags.

However, if a user uses a less popular or unknown hashtag and receives numerous likes and comments, their chances of staying on the “Top Posts” list for a day or two are exponentially higher.

3) The Feedback Speed

At the end of the day, the “Top Posts” list  is actually a broadcast of what is the most trendy, popular and contemporary media today.

Therefore, the amount of feedback we receive is very important (for likes and comments). But equally as important is the speed at which we receive this feedback, and other user’s feelings in response to the post.

For example, a post that receives 500 likes within two hours is more likely to reach the “Top Posts” list than a post that receives 5,000 likes, but over a 24 hour timespan.

Although this is not perfect science and there are many other factors to consider, the bottom line is, if we want to get join the exclusive “Top Posts”, speed is definitely part of  the equation.

It is irrelevant if the Instagram account has 5,000 or 50,000 followers, as long as the post attraction rate is higher than its fellow users.

Five Ways to Promote a Post Using Hashtags

1) The Hashtag Selection is Both Relevant and Favorable

It’s a good idea to select a more specific and less broad hashtag to achieve maximum exposure.

The first step is to choose the right hashtag for our Account that suits our individuality. For instance, a fashion brand for women’s shoes would use a very specific hashtag such as #womenshoes rather than a more generic hashtag like #instafashion.

2) Engage Heavily and Schedule Your Posts to Upload at Specific Times

After choosing the desired hashtag, a user has to interact and publicize their account in order to get a response, as quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to do achieve this is to schedule posts to upload during fixed hours or times when our audience is particularly active.

3) Use of 3-5 Popular Hashtags Per Post

If a user wants a real chance at the “Top Posts” list, its recommended that they use 3-5 popular and unknown hashtags coupled with a post.

These hashtags should  be less specific but still relevant so they can catch a multitude of likes and rake in a lot of comments.

They should be hashtags that are commonly searched. For example, for a fashion brand, the hashtags can be generally appealing such as #photooftheday, #instagood, #fashioninstagram, #instafashion.

4) A Call to Action

Its difficult to confirm whether Instagram’s algorithm prefers likes or comments.

Nonetheless, accumulating a large number of comments on a post is crucial in order to reach the popular list of hashtags.

Making a call to action is a fantastic way to inspire and attract a user’s followers, maintain their focus on their page, and interact with the user through comments. In order to create a “call to action” on Instagram, a user must ask their followers to do something after viewing  the posted media.

For example, they can ask a question like “what are your plans for the weekend” or “what did you think about our new product” and then ask the followers to leave a response in the comments or tag friends.

5) Use Different Locations for Each Post

If an account belongs to a local business, using location based hashtags can be a great way to interact with the followers.

People usually like to support local businesses in their area and are therefore likely to “check-in” by tagging the business in their post.

The more a user uses a specific location, the more likely it will be to increase the awareness of the product or business they are attempting to advertise in their area.


Being at the top of the “Top Posts” list is an excellent way to reach a new target audience on Instagram and can serve as an amazing advertising tool for a product or business.

It’s a lot easier than it looks and it’s indeed feasible than most would think.

All we need to do is focus on implementing the strategy of the hashtags while increasing attention around our posts by continuing to bring up interesting content that will push your followers to respond and engage with your account.

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