First Ever Social Media Live Broadcast With The Beverly Hills Mayor

For nearly two years I have been a member of the Beverly Hills Next Gen committee, whose members consist of fellow friends and peers. Together, with the mayor of Beverly Hills, the group is taking a part in building the future of the city. During the year, we meet to discuss the burning issues concerning the city, making suggestions for efficiency, brainstorming and vote on ideas along with proposals that are coming up. We are taking a part in building the city as well as bettering the people’s quality of residing in Beverly Hills.

The Mayor Of Beverly Hills, Julian Gold

Mayor Julian Gold approached me to help him build his digital campaign, after seeing my ongoing work and activities in the city at the digital field. About six months ago, he began his appointing Mayor duties (for the second time now!) and ever since then, I have been leading his digital campaign while studying internal politics and working together with the rest of the members of the Beverly Hills City Council.

Live Q&A Broadcast with Beverly Hills Mayor, Juilan Gold

Live Q&A Broadcast with Beverly Hills Mayor, Juilan Gold

From Israel To The City Of Angels

As an individual who did not grow up in the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, and not even in LA in general, unlike most of the other members, I am able to bring to the table a different angle and ideas.

Every day I get to meet and connect with new amazing people, taking part in the events of the municipality, discover new worlds, a different culture and a different conduct from anything else I have ever known. I  am happy to accompany the mayor who is the type of person that gives all of himself to the city and its residents.

The First Live Q & A Broadcast

As part of my job, I am responsible for the messages that the mayor shares with the Internet, his associations towards the city’s residents as well as, his visibility with various tools such as; Instagram, Facebook, videos we produce and more.

Together, we created Mayor’s Minute, a segment that allows the mayor to approach the residents at “eye level”. This gives the residents updates on the city’s developments, strategic plans, allows them to see the city hall from the inside-out and allows the mayor to be accessible to the city’s people.

Last week, for the first time ever, we did a direct broadcast of Q & A from the City Hall’s offices, a never been done before effort in the municipality.
During the broadcast, Mayor Julian answered the audience’s questions – from both live inquiries and questions that were previously sent to us – through our publications.
It was a great success, people participated in the activity which brought the mayor and his messages to a higher awareness. This Q & A broadcast enabled him to be accessible to the community and the Beverly Hills’ residents, once again.



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