We all had a change to become instagram addicts, after using Twitter. Both of them were suffering from ‘the hashtag fever’, which was very successful and had several uses:

On Instagram the hashtag is used to create discussion groups for various interests (if you left the comment #dog on a dog’s picture – you will be able to find all the other photos with the same hashtag on one page).

On Twitter, clicking on the word next to the hashtag will show the user all the tweets that included that same hashtag (always one word or more with no spaces).

Tal Navarro instagram

Hashtag on Facebook

I am amazed how the word ‘tag’ has altered its meaning and is highly in use nowadays on different social networks, not to mention the ‘hash mark’ that had appeared on our phones since ever and wasrarely in use.

The hash mark that is in use on Instagram, Tumbler and Twitter since 2007, now joins Facebook as a new and enjoyable feature.

How to hashtag of Facebook?

It’s actually very simple – you simple put the hash mark (#) on your status update or comment, followed by any word. Once you click space, the word can be clicked on by a third party.

(Tip – want your hashtag to have two words? Place an underscore between them!)

The hashtag in all its glory

What is it good for?


Hashtag allows you to create a newsfeed for any specific issue, where everybody can interact. All you have to do is add the hash sign to the word or click on an existing hashtag, and enjoy the latest posts people wrote.

Feeling confused? Let’s use an example

When clicking on the hashtag ‘#kite_surfing’ (posted by me or any other person), I would reach a newsfeed that shows ONLY discussion that contain the same hashtag.

*Facebook search engine – you can click the hash sign and write any word – to find the relevant discussion (as done with the newsfeed).

*Now we can create hashtags for Facebook pages and continuously follow what they post.

The new hashtag improves Facebook immensely, even though tweeter gets the credit for the original hash. Being the pioneer won’t necessarily assist tweeter in its efforts to compete with Facebook, which grows larger and larger every day.

According to Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s Director of Platform Partnerships and Operations, somewhat 90 million users use Facebook during prime time television shows in the US alone. This allows broadcasters, advertisers and others to massively expose their products, by creating discussion related to whatever is on TV.



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