Dali in Beverly Hills

This week I was invited again by my dear friend the artist Daniel Winn to the Winn Slavin Fine Art gallery in Beverly Hills ‘Dali in Beverly Hills’. Daniel is an incredibly talented and successful artist. He started out as a young plastic surgeon who came to the US from Vietnam with just a few dollars in his pocket. Here he became a world-renowned artist and now shows his paintings and sculptures in exhibitions around the world. 

Daniel’s magnificent events immerse you in the various aspects of the art world. He shows different works every time and showcases other talented artistsl.

At Daniel’s events, it’s not unusual to meet well-known curators. Famous artists from all over the US. As well as royal families, and art collectors, like the Schaumburg-Lippe family I met here on my last visit.

Unbelievably talented! The beloved Daniel Winn

So What Did We Have There?

Salvador Dali is known for his surrealist art that seems to be taken from a dream or wild imagination. He created un-proportional figures and objects that appear to be melting on the border between the abstract and the real.

Dali had a lot of interest in Jewish history and the state of Israel. He created a series of works tied to Judaism, which he called Aliyah.

The talented Daniel has a unique style in painting and sculpture. But the great Salvador Dali is a significant influence on him. At the opening of his Dali inspired exhibition, Daniel’s work was shown side by side with Dali’s. The guest of honor at the event was John Christophe. Who is known to be one of the world’s prominent art collectors. John devoted his life to the art world and especially Dali. And presented a book focusing on 50 of the artist’s works.

It was a unique, moving, and enriching event, like everything Daniel is involved with.

Dali in Beverly Hills - The entry to Daniel’s Beverly Hills gallery
Dali in Beverly Hills
It’s amazing to bu surrounded by love (makeup: the talented Mira Tal)
Dali in Beverly Hills
With wonderful friends.
Dali in Beverly Hills
Our first pregnancy photo together at Daniel’s showing (makeup: the talented Mira Tal)
Dali in Beverly Hills
Dali in Beverly Hills - Dali at it’s best, at Daniel’s gallery

Art moves me time and time again. I feel that art is a huge part of personal growth, and we all have an artistic side.

Sometimes one visit to the gallery and a look at fascinating artworks take out the best of me and give me the energy to keep going.

I recommend taking some time from your daily routine and go to a place where your brain can get away to faraway places and wild dreams, even when we are awake.



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