Modern and contemporary art market in Miami

Art Miami and Art Basel comprise of a variety of exhibitions and events that have developed into an essential aspect of The United States’ modern and contemporary art market. They have been an active and bubbling hot spot for the purchase of works from different periods and artists beginning in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This was the first time my visit to Miami coincided with the Art Basel Exhibition week. Over the weekend I explored several different art showcases: Art Context, Art Miami, Aqua, Art Basel, Red Dot, and more.

Every exhibit — simply delightful. The boundless colors placed sporadically on each piece could only be described as jumbled precision.

As I gradually revealed chunks of each painting, wandering through the exhibition, I unveiled an unfamiliar world of artistic expression that amazed me anew.

Art Basel Miami 2017

Art Basel Miami 2017

Galleries exhibitions from all over the world

The exhibition featured leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa all displaying splendid works by modish and contemporary artists.

Each presented pieces using diverse mediums such as painting, sculpting, photography, videography, or a manifold of other illustrious methods. A portion of the larger works have become a quintessential part of the city’s streets, specifically around Collins Park and the nearby streets in the neighborhood.

During the evening…

Beyond the exhibitions and showcases during the day, one of the fun parts of the Art Basel weekend is the social functions and the people — curators of exhibitions, artists and cultured individuals permeate the gallery halls as talent flows through the corridors of the display room.

Manzur Kargar

Manzur Kargar

Botero at his best

Botero at his best


The Amazing Igal Uzeri



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