Adding A Link On Instagram  Stories – a short review

Instagram came up with an excellent new option – adding a link to Instagram stories.

What is  so good about it?

As a blogger, and as a person who writes content,  I’m always looking for new ways to increase the exposure of my sites.  By adding a link to my website (or a link to articles i wrote on my website)  to my Instagram stories, i get more people to notice my website.  this activity and the fact that I’m very active on Instagram, helps me reach my targeted market and expose them to my content.

Who has access to add  links on Instagram stories?

At first, Instagram always launches new features  only for stories that are published from verified accounts. In May 2017, Instagram quietly began to expand the amount of accounts that could add links to their stories. Especially business profiles (not personal profiles) that had more than 10,000 followers.
I can see accounts all around the world using this feature, so it seems like there isn’t any geographic bounds for using it. Instagram will probably allow more users to add a link to their stories when they will see its widely used and popular.

How can I add a link to my instagram story?

Steps for adding a link on Instagram stories

Steps for adding a link on Instagram stories

Assuming the option is  already valid in your account, there are four easy steps (according to the illustration above):
Step 1: Once you’ve uploaded a video or shot it directly through  instagram, you will find, along with the other video editors, a sign of a link.  Click it.
Step 2: Now add the link you would like the followers or other users to be exposed to.
Step 3: The words “see more” will appear at the bottom of the video. By clicking these words, the user will get to…
Step 4: The site itself, which will open after the user will click the link from step 3.

Good Luck!

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