About Tal

Hi and welcome to my world.

I am Tal Navarro.
I am a lifestyle blogger, Digital marketing lover and always a dreamer.

Every article I share, every tip I give, every experience I write about, comes from my heart and from a deep desire that inspires and drives me to continue to share my insights.
On this blog, I write about both my personal experience in the digital world and about my professional expertise, thoughts and productions I take part of or organize.
I had to walk through a difficult path in order to get to the point where I do what I love every day.


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If I made it – Anyone can…

Why am I telling you this? So that you can truly understand that anyone can fulfill his or her dreams. You can become the best version of yourself and accomplish anything in life by committing to the process and knowing you got what it takes.

In 1999, when the Internet was still in its “diapers”, I was serving in the military as a computers and communication training officer and was part of the search and rescue unit of the Home Front Command. That is where I discovered my love for the online world.

In 2001, two weeks after completing my service, I spread my wings and took on the great wide world, relocating to New York City. Upon my arrival, I worked as an agent at a travel agency. During that time, I gained knowledge and experience working with clients, taking care of paperwork and improved my English. I enjoyed the two years I have worked for them but always felt I wanted more and that something was missing.

In 2006 I have moved to an island in the Caribbean where I started an online business. Even though until that point, I have only used the Internet as a tool to contact my family and friends back home and around the world. I finally learned through my own experience what independence felt like and, it was intoxicating.

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Insights along the way – Emotions motivate action

My journey as an independent business woman was not an easy one and began with some obstacles.

I  came to a point where I would wake up in the morning, having to worry about keeping a constant flow of clients to make ends meet. There were times I thought about giving up. I saw everyone around me finish school and moving up in life with “grown-up” job. I considered whether I might be on the wrong path.

But still, I never gave up.

I taught myself all there is to know about digital marketing and the online world and was able to offer digital promotion services for businesses through social media (Facebook or IG did not exist at the time!). I have been working in the field of digital marketing since the early days of the social networks and my knowledge grew as I kept going.

In 2008 I moved to Florida where I started studying business management at the Everglades University in Boca Raton.

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What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger – Not Just a Cliché

In the summer of 2009 my life changed and all my dreams were crushed.
My mother became ill with a rare form of cancer and so I left my life and business all the way abroad and moved back home for 6 months. My family’s life was turned upside-down. We went from hospital to hospital, from one difficult treatment to another and experienced emotional crisis on a daily basis.
After a grueling period of 6 months she passed away.

A new beginning

I was distraught. I moved back to Israel and had to close my business and  start over using the knowledge and skills I have accumulated through my studies from managing my old business abroad.

Now what?

During my time in Israel, I never gave up and never let myself sink into a state of depression.

In 2010
I joined Adler-Chomsky advertising agency where I established and ran the social media department. My work included building marketing strategies, content management and ongoing activities for brands and companies using social media tools.

But still, I wasn’t fulfilled.

In 2011 I spread my wings once more and moved away on my own to create my path. This is when I founded Sumo College – A Social Media Marketing College that trains and educates hundreds of businesses and organizations on the subject of social media.

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Tal 2.0

Today, after gaining years of experience in the online world, I am ready to share my knowledge and expertise with you. I am here to guide you on how to use the various tools that are available to us in all digital fields. I will share my personal experiences with you including projects I am working on, occasional trips around the world and fun hobbies. While setting goals and destinations for ourselves, we must not forget to enjoy the journey.
He who says he can and he who says he can’t – are both usually right
What guides us in life – is us. It is our credo. Our attitude. It all depends on what paths we choose to take. Sometimes we falter along the way. Things won’t always be simple.
The secret to success is perseverance

Don’t give up.
If you fall – get up and keep going.

You have every reason to live your life to the fullest.
You have every reason to fulfill your dreams.

All you need is faith in yourself and persistence.
Also, a little inspiration and motivation can’t hurt – And that’s what I am here for.

Yours truly,