Instagram Post Ideas to Promote your Business


While neat feeds and pretty photos are useful for catching the eye of your prospective consumer, great content is certainly the key to generate engagement and reach a large audience on Instagram.

However, coming up with top-class posts regularly is not an easy task at all. If you intend to use Instagram to promote your business, then you first have to consider what kind of pictures are likely to be appealing to your audience.

Fortunately, there is absolutely no scarcity of things to post, especially on Instagram. When you have recognized whom you want to target, you can easily start searching for the kind of content that would resonate with them. You would find out that there are loads of things to post on Instagram, hence be selective.

Here are some ideas of how top brands use Instagram to promote their business on a large scale.

#1 Styled Product Pictures

Instagram is about unique and creative visuals. Hence while you share the product pictures, you would want to be certain that you style them in a manner that is visually interesting.

#2 Unique Product Usages

You can introduce interesting methods to use your product and share a few cool ideas from your consumers.

#3 Inspirational Images

Not all your Instagram posts need to be about your products. You can also share some photos which are meant to offer inspiration or tell stories. At times, they may include a little glimpse of a merchandise too.

#4 Sale Announcements

You should know that Instagram’s platform is a great way to update your customers about special promotions or sales, as long as you come up with cool visuals to go with those announcements.

#5 Hashtag Posts

Instagram makes it easier for business owners to challenge followers to post their pictures as part of a giveaway or contest and track all the entries using hashtags.

#6 Event Updates

In case your business is going to host any event either online or in person, you can easily create an Instagram image quickly to update your audiences so that they know when to tune in or buy tickets.

#7 Founder Pictures

Social media could be an outstanding avenue to put a human face on one’s business. There is absolutely no easier method to do that than by sharing images of your founder and team behind the curtain.

#8 Limited Edition Product

In case your business offers any services or products that are available only for a short period of time, it could be a great idea to share pictures of those products to give your consumers a heads up.