Facebook could be great both for business and commercial purposes. But, if we won’t be careful,

Facebook could also be a dangerous place.

I recently appeared on Yom Hadash with Yoav Limor and Galit Gutman and spoke about the

embarrassing married IDF Colonel who used a fake Facebook profile, presenting himself as a single

man. He hit and chatted with women, met them, and used his authority to sexually entice them.

I bring you some of the tools I mentioned on TV that would help you identify a fake profile on


1) Profile Picture

Having no profile picture is a big sign for trouble. A person who doesn’t want to be exposed

may have something to hide, and therefor he wouldn’t upload a profile picture. Facebook is

basically a social network, so there’s no good reason for a person to avoid exposure.

The hollow excuse of having a secret military position is not acceptable on the social media. If

you’re in the military, don’t hit on women on Facebook and don’t try to go social if your profile

isn’t sociable. It’s simply a part of the game, and if you’re in this game – play by the rules!

2) How to check if the profile picture is fake

Copy the link (web address), Google the link on Google Images search

(http://www.google.com/imghp) and see if the picture appears anywhere else online.

3) Writing style

Try to see if the writing style is consistent. Fake profiles vary in styles and may use different

writing stylesin every post.

4) Posts frequency

Fake profiles generally avoid uploading any contents. You could see the frequency of past

posts and check if the user ever posted at all…

5) Photos

Does the user have any photos except for his profile picture? Does he have photos of other

people who may have been around him?

If you only see photos of furniture, flowers, men or women – it is usually a fake profile.

6) Mutual Friends

Check if you have any mutual friends. Mostly, fake profiles won’t have any mutual friends with


Hope this helps!





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