Are you managing an online business? Do you wish to draw the attention of more users? If so, here you can find the best ways to attract massive audiences using social media.

Keep up with what your audience is discussing. If you understand what everybody is talking about you can use different methods to link them over to whatever you are talking about.

2. Emoji’s

Emoji are widely utilized in texting and all over the platform of the social media by a number of users. They allow another way of expressing emotions if words aren’t compulsory. One method to spice up your comments is to begin making use of the emoji. You should avoid using too much of it, but every now and then it is fun and acceptable. It’s also a good idea to use emoji’s on your profile description/bio but in everyday posts and comments, they can appear even greater.

3. Humor

Is one of the best methods to draw attention when living in an era of short attention spans. Use humor in your posts and captions. Content is one of the most important things to consider. You should double check the picture, video, and text. Following these steps should get you a ton of likes, shares, and comments.

4. Make Things Personal

Personal connection is important for making people comfortable. They will be more willing to connect when you share personal experiences. They will develop a relationship and be more reachable.

5. Hashtags

One of the best methods to allow people to discover you. On Twitter, on the left side of the display, you can pretty easily observe which topics are trending and even look them up. Instagram allows you to do the same but they aren’t readily viewable without clicking on anything first.

If you want to go the extra mile, try to use humor in your hashtags for maximum effect. You can use hashtags to make an already funny post even more hilarious.