My 2016 Birthday Post

Seven years ago a young woman arrived in Israel after almost a decade abroad, where she moved shortly after her release from military service. She came to Tel Aviv following the passing of her mother and the end of a long-term relationship across the ocean, with a suitcase and a half of clothes and piles of question marks, and without having a single clue where is Ben Yehuda street, what “arnona” means, who are today’s TV news anchors or how Pango works.

Her innocence was bursting through and through, but among the big load of wrong decisions she was making, there were a few half decent ones as well, as she began paving her new path against all odds and conventions. She created, acted, got up and fell, took apart, broke apart, and rebuilt herself. With time she shed more and more layers of innocence, adding in their place some layers of balance, insight and a few new wrinkles. She didn’t grow up in the alley ways of Tel Aviv, and she was always the new oddball in town, but despite many hardships she never gave up on herself, and even when she faltered along the way, she got back up, dusted herself off, and carried on.

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Wild Child. image by Ilan Besor, makeup by Bar Barak

Wild Child 2016

An incredible year of difficulty coping, never-ending growth and new challenges in business and in my personal life.

I never dreamt that just a little over a year ago, a handsome and gentle man would strike up a conversation on the beach with me, and that from that morning on we would go through an intensive year together and apart.

After he approached me, we had a short exchange on the beach, as we both happened to be there at the same time, just the two of us, on a nearly abandoned shore on Yom Kippur eve. I never expected the upcoming year to be so turbulent, special and full of love and shared experiences.

tal navarro fashion blogger

image by Ilan Besor, makeup by Bar Barak

Generally speaking,

2016 was a year full of endless hours of challenging work, fascinating meetings, dozens of lectures across the country and abroad, and consultations with interesting people, some of which made me feel I was learning more than teaching. And in the midst of my business challenges and development it was also the year where I slid on snow sleds in frozen Lapland, jumped in front of Rome’s Colosseum, dipped my toes in the Greek Lindos Islands, saw the breathtaking Northern Lights, ate in Serbian street restaurants, drank coffee in cold Vienna, dropped from a 100 meter high zip-line from tree to tree in Chiang Mai, between tree tops in magical Ohai, and enjoyed my time once more in Israel’s carefreeMidburn experience.

Along the way

I also managed to pack up my lifeinto small boxes, together with that same handsome fellow from the beach, all in one month, leave Israel and set off for a new country and a new beginning. I managed to dive with sea turtles this year. alongside incredible reefs in the depths of an enchanting ocean, experience a desert experience in Nevada that was all about giving, love, and colors, marry my love in an improvised and emotional ceremony that couldn’t have come out like it did if it had been planned, share our love in a luxurious honeymoon in Thailand, cultivate my business in new channels abroad along with a new business for promoting on Instagram, and enjoy amazing collaborations as I continue to grow and rise high in the digital world, as well as in the real-estate world, as I have been doing for 55 years,

I haven’t forgotten through all of this to hug and appreciate my family and friends who have been a part of my journey for years now, and have been there for me through the roughest moments.

tal navarro fashion blogger

image by Ilan Besor, makeup by Bar Barak

And this month I dropped by for a visit to Israel.

When I was still planning my trip, my schedule was focused around my business dealings, and I figured I would catch up with my family on the way. It was two and a half weeks of intense plans, which included a challenging jetlag, lack of sleep, long days of lectures, consultation meetings, personal training sessions and different business meetings, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

But the most important aspect of this trip, the one I wasn’t prepared for, were the visits with my family.

On every visit to the country

I change a little and they change a little.

I was fortunate enough to get some important quality time with both my grandmothers, quality time that is like no other. Every moment with them was emotional and exciting for me, as I listened with passion to every story they told, every insight they shared, and took to heart every hug, as if hoarding hugs for the road before my travels back across the sea.

I also

had some quality time with my sister, the talented beautician, where I enjoyed a luxurious birthday present – a facial she gave me with her own hand, and our quality time together, which I can’t remember when we last had, without the children, without all the family around us, and without being short for time. This quality time produced another rare gem for the string of memories in our chain of friendship, and our conversations brought us closer than ever.

Those moments with my amazing little sister, with whom I stayed for the first several days of my visit, allowed me a small peak into her life, in between her studies to her every day and our quality time together, and it emphasized for me how much of an incredible woman she has become over the years, a good friend and a special, kind-hearted, one of a kind human being.

My lunch with my dad filled a hole of longing for him inside of me, and a meet-up with my beloved pregnant cousin for catching up, allowed me to make up for my absence and collect a stockpile of magical moments and new memories for the months to come, until my next visit.

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image by Ilan Besor, makeup by Bar Barak

End of the year summary

Time is the only resource that cannot be replenished once it runs out.

Today I know better than ever that in the end, life is so fragile with so many ups and downs.

If you are passionate about something, do it now. You never know what might happen tomorrow.

It’s never too late to start.

You just need to look forward and take a deep breath.

March on with your head held high. Leave all your fears and nerves behind.

Forget all the negative energies. Don’t look back to try to find the guilty or the wrong. Everything is in your head. Everything is in your control.

And time – it doesn’t come back. Don’t waste it on the wrong kinds of energies.

2016, now that you leave a tapestry of woven memories on the fabric of my life, I am ready to go on and weave some more in the upcoming 2017.:)




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