11 Instagram Hacks You Didn’t Know About

As we all know, Instagram is a free application used to share photos and short videos of up to a minute. The application allows the user to capture moments through photographs and then post them on social media. We all already know the basic usage of the application. But it turns out there are some hidden features that the majority of users aren’t aware of, and they can certainly optimize and maximize the apps usage. I’ve shared a couple of them below.

Enjoy 🙂

1) Altering and Changing Filters:

The filters available on instagram allow us, the user, to add illustrated filters to our selfies such as adorable fuzzy koala ears or even a festive flower crown. The ability to play back clips with the addition of specific hashtags plastered on the photo of video allow users to track or connect to other posts throughout the entire network using the very same hashtag.

There are also a variety of stylish filters, those that alter the lighting to red, paint the sky boldly blue, or transform the photograph into black and white.

Instagram offers the option to tweak the appearance of filters provided by the application and even allows us, the user,  to filter out less desirable filters.

This allows us to organize our preferred filters while concealing the unused ones.

How is this done?

When we press on the filter – we must press for an extended time on it so it’ll move from the selection and into the “Trash” bin. The process can be seen in the following picture:

Editing Filters on Instagram

2) Tracking Posts from Your Favorite Accounts:

In the past, posts appeared and were updated on our feed according to the most recent chronological order. Now, Instagram has disabled this option which can occasionally cause us to miss posts from favored accounts. However, there is a possibility to set “alerts” in the settings regarding a post, so as not to miss any post from the desired account.

How is this done?

Above each photograph, there are three dots located on the top right. Clicking on them will open a set of options, one of which will allow us to be notified on activity concerning the post.

Tracking posts on Instagram

3) Preventing an Overload of Material & Saving Data:

In order to impede overloading our mobile device with tons of input data, we can limit the amount of data being used through Instagram by simply clicking the gear button on the top right corner of our account profile page (or, alternatively, on the Android device: a three dotted button), then clicking “Cellular Data Use, and finally selecting “Use Less Data”.

4) View our App Activity:

On Instagram, we are almost constantly viewing our peers photos, loving them, and then literally liking them. But almost instantly afterwards, the post will be dispersed  among thousands of other posts uploaded by other friends on the same day…

Therefore, Instagram has provided the option to see our activity and the posts we liked through one click.

How is this done?

By clicking on the gear button in the top right corner of our profile page (or, alternatively, on the Android device: a three-dotted button) and selecting the option “Posts You’ve Liked”.

Posts you’ve liked

5) Finding and Following Popular Hashtags:

Using numerous unique and popular hashtags allow us, users to maximize our post-efficiency and exposure to the Web.

We can easily find the desired hashtags by simply clicking on the keyboard in the “Search Bar”, and skimming the wide range of options available to select the relevant tags.


 6 ) Clear Search History:

When we want to clear our search history, we just go to our profile page and press on the gear button in the top right corner (or, alternatively, on the Android device: a three-dotted button) and click on “Clear Search History” and funnily enough the rest is history.

7) Hide Tagged Posts:

Tagging images on Instagram is not as protrudent as on Facebook, but occasionally we are tagged in pictures that we don’t want other users to see.

In order to prevent this post from appearing on our own profile, click on the image itself (three-dots on the right), which will appear in the ‘Tagged Posts” section of our profile. To untag ourselves we must click on “Photos of You” and then “Hide Posts”, In the same place we also have the possibility of completely removing our tag.

Here’s an example:

8) Account Security:

It is recommended in order to keep our account secure, we must create difficulties for external parties to hack into it.

How to do it?

We will do this by logging into the account, pressing the gear button in the right corner of our profile page (or, alternatively, on the Android device: three-point button), then pressing the “Two-factor Authentication” button, and switching it to “ON”. Who might try to sign in. This will help protect our account from strangers who may attempt to sign in to our accounts.

Two factor authentication

9) Maximum Sharing:

There are times when we want to share more than one picture or even upload photos and video simultaneously from the same fascinating experience yet at the same time we don’t want to overwhelm our followers’ feeds and upload tons of pictures.

This next hidden feature allows us to share multiple photos and videos together as one post.

How is this done?

When uploading a new image to Instagram, click on the double cube (a small illustration at the bottom of the selected image) and then enter the photo gallery and select the desired images/video (we can also input the location of the images) afterwards, click the “Continue” key and close the post just like a photo album. An example of the following below:

Photo album Instagram

10) Recording a Story, Hands-Free:

Instagram stories became an immediate hit when they came out last year.The photography options offered to the user through the stories, besides for the normal photography, are the possibility of taking pictures in reverse, shooting a boomerang, and even photographing without hands (very important for those who want to shoot something that requires both hands). On the story page, at the bottom, we can scroll through the options and turn on the “Hands-Free” button. This allows us the capture a video without continuously pressing or holding the recording button.

Instagram Hands-free

11) Editing a Post After Uploading:

Many users are unaware of the option to edit a post even after its been published.

Although the actual image can’t be edited after we’ve uploaded it, we can add tags and hashtags, change the location, and edit the caption.






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